The Tac-OpsTM T1 is a new, high-tech feature packed tactical flashlight for law enforcement and prepared civilians from River Rock Designs, Inc.

This heavy-duty precision machined anodized high-strength aircraft aluminum bodied light delivers a truly powerful 235 lumen LED bright white light where and when it matters.

It gets better. The Tac-Ops T1 can emit a fast flash strobe for signaling or for self defense to dazzle an opponent and a battery saving low light mode for normal use.

It gets even better. Operators can utilize three additional low-light color LED modes to meet additional tactical needs: Red for low light operations, night vision retention or emergency use; and a unique UV (blue) LED to search in darkness for fluids such as urine, trace blood and other bodily fluids of humans or animals. Some hunters use it to track wounded animals at night (the one that got away near the end of the day). Also handy for tracing liquid leaks on vehicles.

These various LED options and powerful white light modes afford several functions to meet dozens of law enforcement, military operational and civilian personal needs.

Price: We did say affordable, didn’t we? How about an MSRP of only $59.99? And, River Rock includes two quality Lithium batteries made by either Duracell, Panasonic, or Energizer.

Material: High-strength aircraft-aluminum
Finish: Hard-anodized black
Length: 5.2 inches
Body Diameter: 1.0 inches
Head Diameter: 1.3 inches
Weight: 4.0 ounces (with batteries)
LED Type: High-output Cree
Maximum Brightness: 235 Lumens
Batteries: Two 3V CR123A Lithium (included)
Weatherproof: O-ring seals
Model Order Number: R-AC12L

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The Tac-OpsTM T1 is a new, high-tech feature packed tactical flashlight for law enforcement…