Rugged Gear 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart
Rugged Gear 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart

New for 2014, Rugged Gear has introduced their 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart. This premium shooting cart contains 1.7 cubic feet of storage, two rear pockets, two drink holders, chrome plated steel wheels, an accessory bag, steel frame tubing with a one-inch diameter, and a swivel front wheel which has a lock forward lever. It also comes with a reloading tray for ammunition, an adjustable height handlebar, and a hand towel. The storage shelf must be moved to the “up” position if the shooter wants to place their guns muzzles up. The standard protective cover, which is not included with this product, is designed to cover the guns but not the handlebar with the kit installed.

The 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart from Rugged Gear is currently available in two separate colors: Grey and Navy. The Green and Burgundy variants will be available beginning on April 30. The manufacturer suggested retail price is $299.99.

Features: Rugged Gear 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart

-Swivel Front Wheel with Lock Forward Lever
-1″ Diameter Steel Frame Tubing
-1.7 Cubic Feet of Storage
-Two Rear Pockets
-US made gun holders with soft Neoprene rubber
-Hand towel
-Two Drink Holders
-Chrome plated Steel Wheels
-Accessory Bag
-Flat Free Tires
-Ammo Reloading Tray
-Adjustable Height Handlebar
-3-Gun Up Grade

Does Not Include

-Protective Cover
-6-Can Cooler or Travel Mug

Rugged Gear is a company which specializes in manufacturing carts and accessories for hunters and shooters. They are best known for their adjustable hook system to create a more secure gun holder. “As the market for the holders expanded, Rugged Gear discovered that hunters and shooters were adapting golf cars for their specific needs, and were looking for more shooter-friendly accessories for these buggies: lift kits, utility boxes, turf tires and wheels, and more,” their website reads. For more information about the 3-Gun Muzzles Up Standard Shooting Cart and other products offered from Rugged Gear, please visit

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