S.O. Tech Cobra SIS Vest lead
S.O. Tech's LAPD-Approved Cobra SIS Vest

On-the-go protection in the field is something every LEO wants.

S.O. Tech, Inc.’s Cobra SIS Vest recently got a stamp of approval from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for its versatility and reliability in the field.

The LAPD’s elite Special Investigation Section (SIS) has spearheaded the development of game-changing police tactics. SIS officers worked with S.O. Tech staff on the design of the Cobra armor carrier to quickly throw on over undercover clothing from a surveillance posture.

The vest is also designed for maximum mobility to apprehend perpetrators in travel mode and the pouch placement follows the order of use and accessibility.

The pinnacle feature of the vest is its panel waste attachment system that allows the vest to be hung over a car seat then quickly pulled on and snapped into place.

Built to order and adjustable for fit, the vest has a non-skid upper chest to keep the weapon secure while aiming and firing and includes a Velcro-secured cummerbund to keep the vest from shifting.

The Cobra SIS vest can carry both soft armor and plates, has a built-in weapon sling and is made of 1000D Cordura nylon for supreme durability.

The vest is versatile and can accept other SO Tech products such as: First Aid Kits (which mounts out of the way in the lower back), an array of tactical pouches and holsters, a “Go Bag”, a bandolier and various patches.

The Cobra SIS Vest retails for $250 with just the vest or $725 for the full kit.

For more information on the Cobra SIS Vest and other products from S.O. Tech, please visit SOTechTactical.com.

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