Advanced Webless System Body Armor from Safariland
Advanced Webless System Body Armor from Safariland

New for 2014, the Protech Tactical brand of Safariland is introducing their Advanced Webless System for tactical vests and plate racks. Scroll down to watch a video for more information about this product.

The Advanced Webless System from Safariland and Protech Tactical is a modern, sleek, light and modular garment which allows for a reduced carrier weight, while still obtaining the same pull strength one would normally get with a 1000-denier Cordura external carrier. This new product also provides greater flame, abrasion, and cut resistance than the average nylon tactical vest, due to the HANK poly-fabric materials it is made from.

“The Advanced Webless System provides a sleek, low-profile vest which helps reduce weight without sacrificing coverage,” said Dan McNeil of Protech Tactical. “Now, as the market demand is moving towards high-speed, low drag types of armor, the Advanced Webless System uniquely positions Protech Tactical as the top tactical armor solution.”

Protech Tactical and Safariland’s new Advanced Webless System is suitable for any number of different tactical situations which call for a lighter, more modular, high speed tactical vest.

Safariland and Protech Tactical have announced that the Advanced Webless System will be available for the following five tactical models on the below release dates.

• TAC PR (Plate Rack) – January 31, 2014
• TAC AR (Assault Rack) – February 2014
• FAV MKII Enhanced Tactical Vest – March 2014
• TITAN Assault Enhanced Tactical Vest – March 2014
• APV Tactical Vest – March 2014

Protech Tactical is part of Safariland, a Jacksonville-based company which specializes in manufacturing equipment for military and law enforcement. Protech Tactical has been a key name in the tactical armor industry for over twenty five years, manufacturing tactical vests, shields, armor plates, helmets and much more.

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