The striker-fired VP9 from Heckler & Koch has been one of the most talked about handguns of the last year, and rightfully so.

The 9mm, polymer-framed pistol was made ready for law enforcement officers and civilians alike.

Safariland recently released a total of 35 different holster fits for the VP9.

Here’s a look at three of Safariland’s featured holsters for the VP9.


The Model 7360 7TS ALS/SLS duty holster is the ideal holster for law enforcement and security. This 7TS model features the SLS (Self Locking System) and ALS (Automatic Locking System) to reach a level three retention rating. The 7TS line is made out of the innovative SafariSeven material which makes it incredibly resistant to the elements. The 7TS holster will fit on 2″ and 2.5″ duty belts and is an ideal fit for the HK VP9.

The Model 7360 7TS ALS/SLS retails for between $120 – $135.


The Model 537 GLS Open Top Concealment Belt Slide Holster is the perfect holster for everyday concealed carry. The 537 features a very tight, comfortable fit using a pancake style design. The Grip Locking System (GLS) securely locks the firearm into place and is released with the natural shooters grip used to draw the firearm. This holster fit for the HK VP9 is ideal for everyday concealed carry and for undercover law enforcement officers.

The Model 537 GLS retails for $56.


The Model 576 GLS Pro-Fit Holster with the belt loop attachment provides versatility for carrying your firearm safely and securely both concealed or on light duty. The Grip Locking System (GLS) secures the firearm into the holster and is drawn out easily with a natural shooters grip. Made out of SafariSeven material, this holster can withstand the hottest and coldest days maintaining the safety and security of the HK VP9 firearm.

The Model 576 GLS Pro-Fit retails for $50.

For more information the holsters available from Safariland, please visit

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