Safariland, a BAE Systems line of business, announced today the introduction of the updated Defense Technology line of its popular aerosol products. The updated products include a change to a more consistent measurement of the irritant, unique color-banded packaging, and revised formulation of certain models to broaden the offering of the family of OC products in varying intensity levels.

The Defense Technology First Defense brand of aerosols now measures the intensity of its products using Major Capsaicinoid (MC%) instead of Scoville heat units. Major Capsaicinoid is a more scientifically valued scale and provides an improved method to replicate the level of intensity for the products.


“Aerosol brands typically use Scoville heat units to measure the level of irritant in their aerosols,” stated Jim Morgan, Category Manager for Less Lethal at Safariland. “However, Scoville heat units are a very subjective measurement based on a taste test, which is actually used by the American Association of Spice Traders to determine the intensity of a food grade product. The Major Capsaicinoid (MC) measurement provides information on the amount of active agent in the solution, allowing us to consistently reproduce the exact same OC formulation.”


The Defense Technology brand of aerosols range in intensity from the classic First Defense (.2%) spray to the LE-10®, the most intense OC spray on the market (1.3%). To better assist agencies and consumers in determining the best product selection for their needs, the color-banded system was developed for easy identification of the intensity, or MC%, level of the various formulas.

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