Safariland brand Vievu has rolled out its new LE5 body camera for LEOs in the field.

The Safariland Vievu LE5 is Bluetooth-enabled and boasts two “industry firsts,” according to the press release: a user-selectable field of view, and a USB-C connection. The LE5 is capable of being configured to capture 95 degrees to replicate the human eye. It can also capture a narrower 70 degrees for a more focused FOV, and it can go wide angle to 120 degrees. The USB-C connection, meanwhile, offers fast charging and high speed, while also sporting a “symmetrical and reversible design” for easy docking, the presser says.

Another feature worth noting is the fact that the Safariland Vievu LE5 works with the newly-introduced Safariland T7S duty holster with CAS (Camera Auto-activation System) technology. Basically, the camera includes technology that enables it to automatically activate every time a gun is drawn from the holster.

Meanwhile, the Safariland Vievu LE5 can record over 12 continuous hours without having to recharge the battery and it’s capable of storing over 50 hours of footage in standard definition, meaning it’ll get the job done and then some on any given shift. The camera also features a pre-record which is selectable up to three minutes, and a selectable post-record of up to one minute with audio and video. This ensures that critical moments of an incident are captured.

The camera also has Wi-Fi. When paired with Vievu’s Solution Mobile app, officers can download video, add metadata and update case information while working in the field.

Like all the other Safariland Vievu body cams, the Vievu LE5 integrates with the company’s digital evidence management systems. Agencies have the option of picking either Vievu Solution—a fully hosted cloud system built on Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud—or VERIPATROL, an onsite video management system.

Rounding out the features are an on-off slide switch; IP66 rating for water resistance; and a user-selectable record indicator with either LED lights or a Covert mode which is vibration-only. The camera weighs in at 4.9 oz and measures 2.6″ x 3.4″ x 1.1″.

“At Safariland, we know officers like to customize their gear and make adjustments to get their system dialed in perfectly, so selectable options were core elements of this design. The LE5 body-worn camera and CAS technology are defining the way law enforcement agencies integrate connectivity and technology into policing,” said Sean McCarthy, the head of Vievu and Safariland’s Wearable Technology business. “This leading-edge wearable technology reinforces our commitment to provide the most innovative solutions for law enforcement.”

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