Safariland X-Loupe AgileLite Lighting System Forensics

The following is a release from Safariland:

The X-Loupe is a new light source solution to the forensics alternate light source market, reducing the amount of equipment to carry while capturing clear fingerprint photos.

The X-Loupe AgileLite System is affordable and brings a new twist to the use and function of camera-mounted light sources. This DSLR camera illumination platform is used for macro and micro photography and is designed for both crime scene and laboratory applications

The 4×4 Barrel and AgileLite Ring each is equipped with two switchable illumination channels: white light and a specific fluorescence excitation wavelength. This feature reduces the time that investigators spend changing lights for white light and fluorescence photography.

Different fluorescence excitation wavelengths are available to complete an Alternate Light Source (ALS) set.

The Barrel and Ring Light Kit is sold with one barrel light and one ring light, each in a choice of wavelengths and includes an X-Core unit, goggles, filters, lens attachments and accessories.

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