Safariland yesterday announced its new optics product line to the law enforcement and recreational shooting industries.  Featuring the Rapid Reticle™ aiming system, with varying models designed for specific purposes, the new line of Safariland optics meets the specific shooting needs of law enforcement, tactical officers, recreational shooters and hunters.

Designed by Pride-Fowler, Inc., the new line of Safariland optics is designed to be efficient and easy to operate. Users simply line up the numbers in the scope and fire. The optic line includes positive ¼ M.O.A. windage and elevation clicks on the low-profile knobs with reset-to-zero function. The line also includes side-wheel focus and a convenient fast focus eyepiece adjustment. Multi-coated lenses with the reticle in the first focal plane provide an accurate aim at any magnification setting.

The new product line includes optics which are optimal for several ammunition types, including .308 Winchester®, .223 Remington, .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum. Magnification setting options include 1-4x, 1.25-4x, 3-9x, 6x, and 10x.  Each scope is made with aluminum and designed to be waterproof and shock resistant. The line is available in black anodized finish and anodized silver.

Two Spec Ops Red Dot models feature a five M.O.A. Pulse LED.  The premium SOPS-33mm features a 3V ‘Pulse’ LED with an auto-light adjusting sensor system, flip-up protective caps, killflash and dual 33mm rings. Both Red Dot optic models are made of 6061-T6 aluminum with anodized black finishes.

Multiple mounting solutions are available, including brackets for the 10/22, the Ruger® MK II, shotguns, the AR-15 series, atop 30 mm tubes or on any weapon with a Picatinny rail. The Safariland optics product line is available for purchase through Safariland dealers and direct to the end user at

Models and MSRPs:
⋅    RR-800-1: Rapid Reticle 800 3-9x         MSRP:  $800.00
⋅    RR-800-2: Rapid Reticle 800 10x          MSRP:  $850.00
⋅    RR-600-1: Rapid Reticle 600 3-9x         MSRP:  $700.00
⋅    RR-600-2: Rapid Reticle 600 3-9x Compact MSRP:  $700.00
⋅    RR-22-1: Rapid Reticle .22LR 3-9x        MSRP:  $380.00
⋅    RR-22-2: Rapid Reticle .22Mag 3-9x       MSRP:  $380.00
⋅    RR-22-3: Rapid Reticle .22LR 6x          MSRP:  $340.00
⋅    RR-44-1: Rapid Reticle .44Mag 1.25       MSRP:  $400.00
⋅    RR-500-1: Rapid Reticle .500S&W 1.25-4x  MSRP:  $400.00
⋅    SOPS-33mm: Spec Ops 33mm Red Dot         MSRP:  $470.00
⋅    SOPS-COMPACT: Spec Ops Compact Red Dot   MSRP:  $390.00

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