SafeTech Quicklock Padlock
(Photo by SafeTech)

If you have a smartphone and a rifle case (or any other padlockable container), then you’ll want to get your mitts on a new Quicklock Padlock.

SafeTech, creator of The GunBox (, has taken firearms security to the highest level of “tacti-cool” with the company’s new electronic padlock.

After initial pairing with your phone, the Quicklock Padlock unlocks via your smartphone’s Bluetooth signal or by the wave of an NFC fob, ring or label. That’s right, no more wracking your brain for combinations or accidentally leaving or losing padlock keys.

The easy-to-use Quicklock app (iOS or Android) even keeps track of who has opened your padlock and when. A simple wave or phone connection gives quick access to your gun to those of your choosing—and keeps out the rest.

With built-in data tracking, the Quicklock Padlock is more than just a smart lock—it can even be used as a portable inventory management or entry solution.

One phone can be used to control multiple padlocks. Because a number of different NFC-enabled wearable tech items can be used to unlock the padlock as well, including fobs, rings and keycards, the need for multiple keys is eliminated.

A single Quicklock Padlock can store up to 50 NFC fobs/tags with rights to unlock it.

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