New from Safety Harbor Firearms is the intriguing Kompact Entry Stock (KES), a multi-position, collapsible, wire-style stock that is designed to interface with a specialized buffer tube (included) for modern sporting rifles and select Sig Sauer models.

Installation of the KES is straightforward and accessible to the end-user without the need for professional installation. Models are compatible with AR-pattern modern sporting rifles and Sig Sauer’s MPX and MCX, as well as other Sig Sauer rifles and tactical pistols. A brand new version is now compatible with 9mm AR carbines as well.

The retractable stock is available in multi-position (which includes intermediate lengths of pull) and single-position (which only includes retracted and fully extended positions) variants, with lengths of pull between 8 inches and 13.5 inches. The range of adjustment easily accommodates all body armor and attire, and contributes to extremely short overall lengths for intuitive operation in confined spaces.

The stock features twin sling attachment points, with options for a standard slot-style attachment or a quick-detach interface. A non-slip rear plate keeps the stock secure against your shoulder regardless of intermediate layers.

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