Rapid Access RFID System by Santa Cruz Gunlocks
Rapid Access RFID System by Santa Cruz Gunlocks

Law enforcement officers looking for an innovative weapon security solution would be well advised to check out the Rapid Access RFID System manufactured by Santa Cruz Gunlocks. Watch the video below to get a look at how this system works.

The Rapid Access RFID System combines crucial elements of security and accessibility by enabling LEOs to immediately access their firearms using only their gross motor skills. As the video points out, the end user simply swipes their RFID enabled bracelet by moving the bracelet in the vicinity of the system scanner. This system is perfect for high pressure situations, where fine motor skills sometimes deteriorate. With one simple hand movement, any law enforcement officer can now immediately access their firearm. It is already in use by special operations groups like US C-SOG.

This system can be used with any gun rack offered by Santa Cruz Gunlocks. Included in this package is an RFID reading module, 2 RFID bracelets, 1 programming card and 1 delete card. A SC-7009-A Adjustable Delay Timer enables the end user to use one Rapid Access RFID system to operate up to 10 gun racks.

The Rapid Access RFID System from Santa Cruz Gunlocks is available at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $129.

Santa Cruz Gunlocks is a New Hampshire-based company that manufactures weapon security products (gun locks, gun racks & more) for vehicles and indoor applications. For more information about the Rapid Access RFID System and the full range of products currently offered by Santa Cruz Gunlocks, please visit http://www.santacruzgunlocks.com

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