SB Tactical SB 93/94 Stabilizing Brace
SB Tactical

SB Tactical, the inventor and manufacturer of the stabilizing brace, has announced four new stabilizing braces for multiple firearm platforms.

SB Tactical released the SB15 Stabilizing Brace in 2013. After much success, the company followed that up with the SB X Pistol Stabilizing Brace, which saw similar success.

The stabilizing brace was developed specifically to improve shooting accuracy and reduce felt recoil when firing PDW pistols.

The four new models are as follows

  • The SB 89 Stabilizing Brace was developed for the Heckler and Koch (H&K) MP5k.
  • The SB 93/94 Stabilizing Brace was developed for the Heckler and Koch (H&K) 93/94 and MP5 series of weapons.
  • The SB PSG Stabilizing Brace was developed for the Patriot Ordnance Factory’s (POF-USA) Patriot Sub Gun (PSG). This brace also fits the KRISS Vector pistol with an additional KRISS Vector M4 Adapter available through other retailers.
  • The SB47 Stabilizing Brace was designed for the AK-47. Century Arms, the largest importer of AK-47’s in the country, is the exclusive distributor of the SB47 Stabilizing Brace. The SB47 can be used with any Century Arms PAP M92 PV, PAP M85 PV & NP, Draco and C39 Pistols.

Initially, SB Tactical distributed the stabilizing brace exclusively through partnerships with Sig Sauer for AR pistols and Century Arms for AK pistols, but now the company has its own website:

For more information on the new line of stabilizing braces and other products from SB Tactical, please visit

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