SCHOTT’s NightViper is a flexible, rugged optical scope, designed for nighttime urban use by infantry and Special Forces. When attached to standard night vision goggles, NightViper allows soldiers to view around corners, under doors and through holes in a building. The scope is cased in a rugged housing flexible enough to be coiled and placed in a backpack. It is designed to operate through extreme temperatures, humidity and other physical stresses expected in combat situations and environments.

The NightViper vision imaging system consists of a wound fiber optic bundle that– when coupled to the objective end of a standard 18mm night vision monocular system — transmits a coherent image through the bundle to the night vision device. This provides an intensified image of the surroundings, a feature designed to help identify potential threats to the dismounted soldier in an urban nighttime environment. While remaining behind cover, a soldier will be able to bend the flexible NightViper scope around corners or insert the small 14 mm lens through almost any opening of interest and observe any activities within the optics range.

Individual NightViper units can range from 2-6 feet in length, depending on the tactical requirements. The standard scope comes with a numerical aperture of 0.6 and has excellent light gathering ability that can be viewed with a 4×4 mm imaging area. NightViper can also be outfitted with an infrared LED Illuminator near the objective lens. This is similar to the IR illumination currently available on the monocular, and which is designed to be used at the soldier’s discretion in extreme low light levels or when additional illumination is required.

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SCHOTT’s NightViper is a flexible, rugged optical scope, designed for nighttime urban use by…