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Scope's Galore: Trijicon’s New Long-Range Warriors

Trijicon has unveiled several new scopes designed for our warfighters. The 3-15 x50mm TARS (Tactical Advanced Riflescope) is designed for the harshest battlefield use. With a 150-MOA adjustment range, it’s a true long-range scope, and its super-clear glass, simple reticle options and large, easy-to-use knobs, it’s perfect for any precision rifle.

Another new offering is the Trijicon 1-6x24mm VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight), which is a smaller model suitable for operations ranging from close-quarters battle (CQB) to 800 yards. The VCOG has an integral mounting adapter, so no rings are needed. In the 1X setting, aiming for CQB distances is surprisingly intuitive. The scope also comes with illuminated (powered by a single AA battery) bullet-drop compensating (BDC) reticles that allow for fast and accurate hits out to 800 yards. Finally, the VCOG offers a generous, constant 4 inches of eye relief, making it easy to use from just about any position.

For those in need of a hunting scope built to the same rugged standards, there is the latest AccuPoint, which comes with easily adjustable knobs that can be customized to your perfect load. A favorite among hunters for years, the new, easy-to-use knobs—engraved and calibrated—adds more versatility to the system. You can have a preset knob for every load.

I recently had the chance to test out these long-range Trijicon scopes at an event with a few other writers. We got behind rifles at Castle Valley Outdoors in Emery, Utah. Nestled in a long valley, we were able to shoot out to 2,000 yards.

We engaged targets at various distances with rifles mounting all of the scopes and there was also a walking course where we could wring out the VCOG optic. Getting first-round hits from 100 to 600 yards using only the BDC reticle proved just how accurate this scope is. Using the TARS at 800 yards and beyond, it was clear, solid, easy to adjust and extremely precise.

Take a look at some pictures from the event and stay tuned for reviews of these scopes in upcoming issues of SPECIAL WEAPONS FOR MILITARY & POLICE. To subscribe, visit

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