Concealed carry is easier said than done inside of jacket, but SCOTTeVEST has solved that problem with one of its state-of-the-art tactical jackets.

The Brad Thor Alpha Jacket is built on being a deceptively capable concealed carry jacket.

The Alpha is designed in collaboration with No. 1 New York Times bestselling thriller author, Brad Thor. The Alpha’s real finesse comes when a jacket helps you blend into a crowd.

The jacket exterior is made from a quiet (not crunchy) softshell in a black, IR-signature reducing matte finish that blends into the landscape.

Exterior pockets and panels are designed to be subtle and not print as a tactical-styled jacket. Removable exterior branding completes the slick exterior look.

The RAPs provide access to a mid-layer of pocketing without needing to unzip the jacket. They are completely ambidextrous, and are also pockets themselves, sized to carry an iPad or even a laptop. These cavernous pocket panels can be used as a dump pouch for mag changes or even for evidence collection or foraging in a survival/wilderness E&E situation.

The lower two-thirds of the panel interiors are lined with tricot (non-crunchy soft side loop material as on the interior of camera bags) for attaching hook-side accessories like holsters, mag holders and pouches. These panels are the heart of your CCW pocket system and provide flexibility to customize how you carry gear based upon your mission.

Taking a page from the OSS, long, narrow, tricot-lined pockets are concealed on the inner wrist of each sleeve to hold a sleeve dagger like the Benchmade SOCP. They also hold small flashlights, pens and similarly-sized items.

The Brad Thor Alpha Jacket also has several high-tech features and an RFID-blocking pocket.

The Brad Thor Alpha Jacket retails for $200 and is available now.

For more information on the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket and other products from SCOTTeVEST, please visit

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