“You can never have enough pockets.”

ScottEVest’s slogan for its new RFID Travel Vest certainly rings true.

The vest features a total of 26 pockets with RFID blocking pocket to protect the user from high-tech skimmers looking to steal the user’s identity.

With plenty of real estate, the comfortable RFID Travel Vest can hold a cellphone, knife, first-aid kit, flashlight, spare ammo and an EDC pistol. The weight management system makes sure that the vest doesn’t go lop-side on the user and stays comfortable.

ScottEVest’s advanced two-way zipper allows the user access to all 26 pockets with ease. The company has also updated the CollarConnect for quicker install and more comfort. There’s more than meets the eye and even more that doesn’t.

The RFID Travel Vest is available in black, khaki, navy and olive.

The all new vest retails for $135 and is available now.

For more information on the RFID Travel Vest and other products ScottEVest, please visit

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