The high-end SP3 Handguard from Seekins Precision is purpose-adapted to Ruger’s red-hot Precision Rifle, and it offers some very useful features.

The SP3 Handguard gives tactical operators an extended-length, AR-style handguard with KeyMod reliefs at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions.

The bottom of the handguard is wide and flat for added stability when shooting from sandbags and over barricades.

The handguard’s full-length Picatinny top rail mates seamlessly with the receiver-length accessory rail atop the Ruger Precision Rifle to add significantly to the sight radius for manual backup sights and provide plenty of attachment points for forward-mounted optics and accessories.

Also for the Ruger Precision Rifle, as well as modern sporting rifles and other rifles with tactical rails atop their receivers, Seekins Precision has developed its new One-Piece Scope Mount in both 34mm and 30mm diameters. These mounts come in two further variants: flat and one with a 20-MOA rise to help your optics cope with bullet drop at extreme distances. They even developed a custom safety/selector for the Ruger Precision Rifles.

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