Few things have impacted a police officer’s ability to put accurate rounds on target like the development of lightweight reflex sights.

Also called “red-dot optics” by many people, there are a variety of different technologies used to make these kinds of sights. Not all of the technologies are true reflex sights, but the implementation is similar enough that the engineering is largely invisible to the end-user. Holographic weapon sights are a form of sight that also falls into this category.

In general, red-dot sights are non-magnifying and place a simple dot or other image in the shooter’s field of view. There is no need to try to align iron sights with the target or transition to irons on a scoped gun when the target is close. Near or far, the bullet will strike wherever the dot is. The point of impact is still affected by bullet drop, of course. Many have called this the ultimate point-and-click interface.

Scroll through the gallery above for a number of red-dot sights that you and your department may want to consider for your long guns. All are suitable for use on patrol rifles, while some are also good choices for mounting on shotguns.

For more information on the red-dot sights mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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