Shooter's Choice - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
Shooter's Choice - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Shooter’s Choice, a leading manufacturer of gun care products, has released its Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution formulated to work in Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks. This biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable cleaning solution is powerful and fast-acting, and offers a number of benefits. It is non-corrosive to aluminum or metal parts. In addition, it breaks up and removes fouling, it cleans residue from actions, receivers, trigger assembly and more, and dissolves oil, grease and powder build-up.

“The list of our loyal customers who wanted something to work in ultrasonic cleaning tanks has been growing. This product is the solution.” stated Joe Ventimiglia, Ventco President. “Plus, unlike our competitors, our Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution is concentrated and can be diluted.”

The Ulstrasonic Cleaning Solution comes in a one gallon plastic container. It is available at an MSRP of $49.99. See below for additional details.

Features: Ulstrasonic Cleaning Solution

  • Biodegradable, Environment Friendly.
  • Non-toxic, Non-flammable, Non-Hazardous.
  • Non-corrosive to aluminum or metal parts.
  • Effectively breaks up and removes fouling.
  • Contains no petroleum type solvents.
  • VOC compliant.
  • Ships & stores as a non-regulated product.

For Use in Ultrasonic Firearms Cleaning Equipment:

  • 1.) Suggested dilution ratio – 1:2 mix (1-part solution to 2-parts water)
  • 2.) Once firearm is field stripped and parts are submerged for the designated time period, as recommended by your ultrasonic equipment instructions, remove firearm / parts and rinse with warm to hot water
  • 3.) Use compressed air to thoroughly dry firearm / parts and to remove excess residue
  • 4.) Re-lubricate firearm / parts, including bore, with Shooters Choice FP-10 Lubricant Elite and apply to moving parts and wear surfaces during and after assembly
  • 5.) To prevent rust and corrosion, it highly recommended to use Shooters Choice Rust Prevent Corrosion Inhibitor

For more information about the Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, and the full range of products currently offered by Shooter’s Choice, please visit

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