Safariland has introduced its MLS (Molle Locking System) across the company’s law enforcement, military and commercial platforms. The system allows a holstered gun to quickly and easily be mounted or detached from a base plate. Multiple base plates may be installed virtually anywhere, including on belts, thigh rigs, vests, packs, vehicles, furniture, etc. Sliding the Molle-equipped holster onto the base plate locks it into place with great security, yet the operator has only to pinch two prongs together and pull up on the holster to detach it for remounting elsewhere. The system is expected to be a boon to LEOs who have to frequently remove their weapons for court or to enter other restricted areas, as well as to soldiers moving between modes of transportation or missions, and armed citizens seeking maximum convenience while maintaining constant readiness.;

task.jpgTask Holsters
Task Holsters offers a variety of shoulder, belt and tactical holsters in both leather and nylon. The company’s 1B01 belt holster, for example, is a strongside, precision-molded leather belt scabbard. It features a retention strap with thumb break and is available in black or brown. The same design is offered in nylon as the 1B201 in white, black, camo or green. Task holsters are also available without thumb breaks or with retention locking devices.

Vega Holster
Vega Holster has introduced VEGATEK thermo-molded polymer holsters, which the manufacturer touts as being resistant to abrasion, impact, weather, chemicals and heat. The Italian company is offering three models in the VEGATEK line.

vegapro.jpgThe VKPro offers full coverage, adjustable height and cant, and the company’s Pull Side automatic safety system.

vega-fast.jpgThe VKFast eschews the Pull Side safety system but includes double retention screws and both belt loops and a paddle, each adjustable for height and cant.

vega-short.jpgThe VKShort is compact, having an exposed muzzle. It combines the Pull Side safety system of the VKPro with the adjustable belt loops and paddle of the VKFast.

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