Comment(s) will be providing exclusive daily coverage from SHOT Show 2013 ALL WEEK! As the show continues, we’ll provide a sneak peek at some of the latest and greatest products and advancements in military, law enforcement, personal defense and outdoor sporting equipment—all on display at the industry’s premier annual showcase in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada…

FN Ballista


The Ballista is now available from FNH USA. This precision tactical bolt-action rifle is fully modular and can be easily field configured to fire .338 Lapua, .300 Win. Mag. and .308 Win.—although the .338 Lapua comes standard. This is truly a precision rifle and designed to deliver accurate hit to 1,500 meters. They key is the hammer-forged 26-inch stainless steel hammer which is fluted for weight reduction and the vibration isolated aluminum alloy receiver. The precision trigger is also adjustable to single- or two-stage release and a 2- to 5-pound weight. The rifle still weighs in at over 15 pounds total and a full length of 49 inches, but the adjustable ambidextrous folding stock brings that down to 37 inches for ease of transport. (



Another precision tactical rifle from FNH USA is the FN SPR A5 XP, which is a new version of this proven weapon with significant tactical upgrades. Now users can get this rifle with a threaded muzzle and special 1-in-12-inch twist rate barrel for ultimate performance with suppressors. A threaded tactical operating knob, and McMillan stock and cheek rest with ambidextrous QD sling attachment point at the front and rear is standard as is a detachable box magazine. The MIL-SPEC cold hammer-forged barrel also has a chrome-lined bore and the rifle comes standard with a steel one-piece MIL-STD 1913 optical rail with an extra 20 MOA of elevation for long-range shooting. (

The Jack Carbine


Bravo Company has teamed up with Haley Strategic Partners to produce what may be the next must-have-top-of-the-line AR, The Jack Carbine. This mid-length gas system rifle comes fully decked out for tactical applications with a custom Cerakote finish in what BCM calls “Disruptive Grey”. In addition BCM standard upgrades are present including the BCM Gunfighter charging handle, and BCM Gunfighter compensator which reduces recoil and muzzle rise and limits the usual extra pressure and noise associated with most compensators. This also extends the 14.5-inch barrel to a legal 16 inches. The Jack also includes a B5 Enhanced SOPMOD stock, super smooth single-stage ACT (ALG Combat Trigger), and a standard 200 lumen WML-HSP Weapon Mounted Light mounted on the Haley Strategic Thorntail offset mount. (

HK MR762A1 Long Rifle Package


Heckler & Koch is taking their excellent 7.62 NATO/.308 Win. MR762A1 tactical rifle and turning it into an out-of-the-box precision marksman kit, the MR762A1 Long Rifle Package. This rifle, based on the US Special Operation Command HK417, features a non-chrome lined cold hammer-forged barrel and short-stroke gas piston operation for reliability and accuracy. It comes standard with a factory-installed Leupold 3-9VX-R Patrol 3-9 x 40 mm scope, exclusive HK G28 adjustable cheekpiece buttstock, and LaRue Tactical BRM-S bipod, as well as an ERGO Pistol Grip from Falcon Industries. All this will come packed in a 42-inch Model 1720 Pelican case and include an OTIS cleaning kit and the same Blue Force Gear sling issued to the USMC for the HK M27 IAR. (

Del Ton DTI Evolution


The new Del Ton DTI Evolution AR-15 Rifle is not only the company’s latest offering but also represents a new entry into high-end tactical rifles. The Evolution is designed from the ground up as a specialized competition and tactical carbine. It features a low-profile gas block with an extended Samson handguard free-float rail system and Samson flip-up front and rear sights. Upgraded Magpul furniture is also standard, including the MOE+ grip and the CTR collapsible buttstock. The 16-inch CMV barrel has a lightweight profile and a 1-in-9-inch twist rate. As is standard on all Del-Ton ARs, this gun includes an HPT/MPI tested Carpenter 158 steel bolt, 7075 T6 aluminum upper and lower receivers and M4 feed ramps. (

Nightforce Unleashes the B.E.A.S.T. Riflescope


At SHOT Show 2013, Nightforce introduced their B.E.A.S.T. tactical riflescope, which stands for the “Best Example of Advanced Scopes Technology.” The B.E.A.S.T. 5-25x56mm F1 is a first-focal-plane riflescope that’s designed to meet specific military requirements while still remaining user-friendly.

Bill Bracken, Nightforce’s program manager, said military specifications are requiring more adjustments within a single rotation. “But if you do that the standard way, you have adjustments that are so close that it feels like a zipper when you run through it,” Bracken said. “What we’ve done is create our M-squared adjustments for making major and minor adjustments.”

This unique system features a .2 mil-radian major adjustment and a .1 mil-radian minor adjustment. “We decided the .2 of a mil-radian is less than .75 of a minute for most shooters, which allows you to make solid hits out to distance. And if you need that precise adjustments for a specific target at especially long ranges, you throw the lever and that gives you your 10th-mil-radian travel.”

The B.E.A.S.T. also features Nightforce’s patented zero-stop, so it’s the same basic clutch assembly the company has used in the past. It also has a mechanical braking assembly to make sure the adjustments don’t move accidentally. By pushing down and rotating the knob, shooters freeze the adjustments in place. You can’t accidentally turn them.

The B.E.A.S.T. also has a push-button illumination mechanism with various settings and offers the option of switching between red and green illumination. Even with all these features, the B.E.A.S.T. is one of the smallest scopes in its class for magnification, and its weight is similar to even smaller models now available.
This scope has an MSRP of $3,400 with standard Nightforce reticles, and about $3,900 for models with Horus-base reticles like the H59 or the Tremor 2. For more information, visit or call 706-434-8571.

Laxco Inc. Introduces the SmartScope


The new 4-16x44mm SmartScope from Laxco Inc. promises smart targeting and smart hunting. According to Andrew Parsons, the scope’s designer, the SmartScope figures out all the calculations, coefficients and adjustments automatically once you input the yardage and windage. “That way you don’t miss,” Parsons said. “You don’t have to do any of the math. It does all the work for you.”

This auto-targeting digital riflescope also features a built-in rangefinder and automatic bullet-drop compensation, and it’s powered by two small, rechargeable batteries that give shooters at least 30 hours of constant targeting. Under normal use, the batteries easily last an entire weekend.

This fully integrated scope is durable, waterproof and fogproof, and it uses a Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny scope-mounting base. Visit or call 435- 381-9673.

Barska Unveils The SWAT-AR Riflescope


The new SWAT-AR 1-4x28mm riflescope is designed for such tactical rifles as the M4 and AR-15 carbine. It measures a compact 10 inches long and weighs 1 pound. It comes with red and green illuminated glass-etched reticles for reliable performance, as well as five brightness settings.

The SWAT-AR also features locking windage and elevation knobs, and its cantilever ring mounts let shooters adjust it forward or backward to fit individual shooting styles. Its angled sunshade casts a shadow to help reduce glare on bright days. The scope also comes with protective flip-up scope covers.

Ryan Hillis, Barska’s media and marketing spokesman, notes that at 1X magnification, the SWAT-AR can be used in conjunction with iron sights. Its external target turrets can be locked securely, which prevents any movement in windage and elevation when the shooting starts.

Shooters who work in cold weather will also appreciate the SWAT-AR’s ergonomic design, which allows for easy, reliable adjustments even while wearing bulky gloves. To learn more, visit or call 909-445-8168.

Vortex Debuts The Viper HS LR 6-24x50mm Riflescope


The new Viper HS Long Range riflescope from Vortex extends your effective shooting range at distances where bullet drop and wind drift become extremely critical. Its XD extra-low dispersion glass increases resolution and color fidelity to produce crisp, clear views in even the harshest conditions.

The Viper HS LR 6-24x50mm features a 30mm tube and first-focal-plane XLR reticle, as well as a minute-of-angle-based reticle with subtension markings down the vertical and across the horizontal crosshairs. It also features a capped windage turret and an exposed target-style elevation turret that’s built specifically for dialing in your elevation. “If you know the specifics of your rifle and what you’re pushing through it, you can dial in precise adjustments, and you’re dead-on for long shots,” said Mark Boardman, Vortex’s marketing manager.

The reticle also has windage references in its lower two quadrants to facilitate precise holding points. And because the Viper uses a first-focal-plane reticle, its subtension markings are accurate throughout the zoom’s entire zoom range. “You can hold that reticle anywhere in the magnification range, and the subtension markings will remain accurate no matter how high or low you adjust the magnification,” Boardman said. For more information, visit or call 800-426-0048.

Konus Offers Its Konuspro-T30 Series Riflescopes


The new Konuspro-T30 riflescope series features a tough, stubby build and a high optical quality that matches the company’s renowned Konuspro-M30 designs.
The T30 scope comes available in a 3-9x40mm (MSRP: $379.99) model and a 3-12x44mm (MSRP: $439.99) model. Both are built on a strong 30mm tube, and their low-profile tactical turrets stay out of your way. They’re also easy to adjust and can quickly be reset to zero. “You put the cap back on, and it locks them into place for shooting out to 275 yards with the 3-9x40mm, and out to 550 yards with the 3-12x44mm and our 550-ballistic reticle,” said Mark Shore, Konus’ vice president of sales.

Shore said the T30’s reticles eliminate hold-over angles by giving shooters exact aiming points at extremely long ranges. In addition, the T30’s reticles are laser-engraved into the glass to make them impervious to recoil from even the hardest recoiling rifles. All Konus scopes come with lip-up lens caps, a lifelong replacement warranty and fully coated optics that optimize light transmission.

The T30 also features one-piece tube construction and long eye relief, and it weighs 1.12 pounds, providing for good balance atop any rifle. To learn more, visit or call 305-262-5668.

NcStar Unveils The Vism 4-16x50mm Sniper Scope


The new Vism 4-16x50mm riflescope from NcStar, Inc., is built on a 30mm tube and features a glass-etched reticle that is crisp and far more distinct than traditional reticles. The scope weighs 1.58 pounds ounces and measures 14.2 inches.

The Vism (MSRP $199.99) also features parallax adjustments and locking turrets for windage and elevation. Once the shooter locks down the turrets at a specific zero, they’ll always return to that setting if the scope is bumped or dropped.

The Vism 4-16×50 also comes with dual illumination of blue and green, allowing shooters to adjust for personal preferences or to accommodate dark or high-glare environments. The scope’s 4-16X power range also allows shooters to engage targets from midrange to long-range. Further, if the scope is damaged in any way, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty. For more info, visit or call 866-627-8278.

Leupold Delivers Its Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 Scope


Leupold created the Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 riflescope as part of its “Soldier Enhancement Program” (SEP) with the U.S. military. Leupold’s SEP identifies and evaluates commercial off-the-shelf products that can increase the effectiveness of military personnel.

As a commercial off-the-shelf product, the Mark 6 1-6x20mm is also a top choice among three-gun and multi-gun competitors, and it’s perfect for short-range shooting and law-enforcement work. It’s built around an ultra-bright daylight visible illumination system, and it offers true “both-eyes-open” situational awareness at 1X while giving users the ability to identify and engage long-range targets at high magnifications.

It also offers zero-lock windage and elevation adjustments, and it prevents change of zero with great reliability. This compact, lightweight scope weighs less than 18 ounces and it measures 10.4 inches. It has a strategically enlarged power selector that can be accessed without altering the lens cover’s orientation.

The Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 riflescope is available in illuminated reticles and in two versions of elevation and wind-holds calibrated for 7.62mm or 5.56mm rounds. Visit or call 800-LEUPOLD.

Aimpoint Pairs Sight With Saddle Mount For Blaser Rifles


Aimpoint announced a new sight and mount combination designed for Blaser rifles that pairs the Micro H-1 (2 MOA dot) sight with a high-quality steel saddle mount from Blaser.

Aimpoint’s previous Micro H-1 for the Blaser used a short mount that locked into one of the two mounting points featured on Blaser rifle barrels. The new mount is longer and uses both mounting points, as well as quick-detach levers that allow the sight to be mounted and dismounted quickly without loss of zero. It fits on Blaser’s R93 and R8 models.

“The Blaser straight-pull bolt system is extremely fast, and we like to think that the Aimpoint Micro H-1 makes it even faster,” said Dave Pasienski, director of commercial sales at Aimpoint Inc. “The repeatable nature of the Blaser mounting system allows shooters to quickly change their optics without losing zero. This compact Micro H-1 allows hunters to quickly swap their magnified scope for the speed and both-eyes-open aiming offered by an Aimpoint sight before moving into cover to stalk or track dangerous game.”

The compact Micro H-1 offers up to five years of constant on power from one CR-2032 battery, and it has 12 brightness settings for optimal performance in any light condition. The sight is waterproof and withstands temperature extremes and rough handling. For more information, visit or call 877-246-7646.

Bushnell Outdoor Products Expands Its AR Optics Lineup

Bushnell Outdoor Products has added the 1-4x 24mm Throw Down PCL riflescope to its growing lineup of AR-15 optics. These affordable, high-quality scopes are designed for precision target shooters and tactical shooters.

“These are designed for the guys buying an entry-level AR and those types of rifles,” said Paul Arnhold, public relations manager for Bushnell. “Bushnell has everything in this lineup from red-dot scopes all the way up to a 4.5-18X long-range riflescopes. One thing shooters really like about this scope is its throw-down lever that lets them make quick, almost instant, changes to its magnification.”

All scopes in the AR Optics series have tactical turrets designed to allow for making quick adjustments on the fly for target shooting and hunting applications. The lineup also has five different red dots to choose from, depending on the shooter’s personal preferences.

The current AR Optics lineup includes two 1x4X models, a 2-7X for the .22 rimfire shooters, a 3-9X, a 3-12X and a 4.5-18X. The red-dot AR Optics scopes start at $99, and the riflescopes start at $199 and go up to $299. To learn more, visit or call 913-752-6105.

Nikon Debuts ProStaff 5 Riflescopes


Nikon now offers 14 models in its Prostaff 5 riflescope lineup, with some models featuring illuminated reticles with five intensity levels of red or green, giving shooters an extra advantage during low-light situations. These scopes have a rheostat dimmer on the side-focus knob for easy adjustments.

“These are great riflescopes at a great price,” said Shannon Salyer, a Nikon spokeswoman. “We have every flavor possible in riflescopes for hunters, target shooters and tactical shooters.” The lower-magnification models (2.5-10x40mm) start at $269.95 (MSRP); the models rise in in price as they increase in magnification and special features, topping out at $459.95 in the 4.5-18x40mm model.

These scopes are fully multi-coated for crisp, bright sight pictures, and they boast hand-turned reticle adjustments and spring-loaded, instant zero-reset turrets. Simply sight-in as usual, lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate it to “zero” and re-engage.

The Prostaff 5 models provide a constant 4 inches of eye relief for clear fields of view and brow protection, even when using heavy-recoiling cartridges. Positive-click reticle adjustments help shooters zero in quickly and maintain their settings. For more information, visit or call 800-645-6687.

Glock 30S


After over a year in the making, Glock showed off its new G30S at SHOT. Requested primarily by law enforcement for a more concealable pistol in .45 caliber, the G30S is a hybrid composed of a G36 slide mated to a G30SF frame—a combination that gives it a 10+1 capacity. Compact dimensions of 6.97 inches in overall length, 4.8 inches in height, 1.28-inch width and an empty weight of just 22.75 ounces make it easy to carry, draw and shoot too. (

Chiappa MC27


Sized to serve for both uniform and plainclothes duty, the Chiappa CM27 is based on the classic CZ75 design. Made in traditional SA/DA or DAO, this short-recoil-operated 9mm has a 15+1 capacity, a 3.9-inch barrel, drift-adjustable sights, Picatinny rail on the dustcover and textured, black plastic grips. Overall length is 7.25 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds empty. During a short test-shoot at Media Day it had good practical accuracy and rapid-fire controllability. (

Ruger LCR .22 MAG Revolver


Gunfighter Bill Jordan once wrote that a potent self-defense gun would be a snub-nose in .22 Magnum. For 2013 Ruger introduced their LCR polymer-hybrid, small frame, six-shooter in .22 WMR. With a 1.875-inch barrel, a length of 6.5 inches, height of 4.5 inches and a weighing 16.60 ounces, the LCR .22 MAG is light and powerful. (

Colt Mustang Pocketlite Laser Model


The compact, lightweight Mustang .380 (barrel 2.75 inches, length 5.5 inches, weight 12.5 ounces, 6+1 capacity) is new for 2013 with a Colt-marked, triggerguard-mounted red laser sight designed by LaserMax, which adds next to nothing to the guns bulk or weight, plus it shouldn’t affect use in pocket or IWB holsters. (

Smith & Wesson M&P C.O.R.E


New in the M&P line and based on the Pro Series, there are four C.O.R.E. pistols in 9mm and .40 that are made to be competition ready. The slide is engineered to accept six optical sights and can be adapted to meet any demand. Select a 4.25-inch or 5-inch barrel and standard features include interchangeable backstraps, 3 palm-swell grips, a Performance Center sear providing a 4.5 pound trigger pull, and higher sights to use in concordance with the optics. (

Remington 1911 R1 Carry Commander

With a shorter 4.25-inch match-grade barrel, the Carry Commander offers the same features as its standard-length sibling. These include all-over dehorning, stainless construction with a satin black oxide finish, checkered cocobolo grips, Novak rear sight and tritium front sight, plus a 7- and 8-round magazine. Also standard are extended ambidextrous safety and upswept beavertail grip safety with memory bump, aluminum trigger, Commander Hammer, heavy-duty slide serrations, lowered and flared ejection port, and checkered front and backstraps. (

Sig Sauer P227


Based on the SIG P226 platform, the new P227 in .45 ACP has a slender, ergonomic grip, despite its double-column magazine. A compact 3.9-inch barrel version has a 10+1 capacity, while the full-size 4.4-inch barrel model takes 14+1 cartridges. The P227 fits in holsters that for the P226 or railed P220 and will accept slides from the P220 so it can be reconfigured in several variations. It has a durable Nitron finish, stainless slide, alloy frame and the Sig Sauer 4-Point Safety System. (

Taurus Millennium G2


Replacing the Millennium Pro the G2 is a compact powerhouse in 9mm (PT111, 12+1) or .40 (PT140, 10+1). With a 3.2-inch barrel and a 22-ounce weight it’s quite an addition to the concealable Carry On Series. The polymer frame has the spring-bar takedown, Taurus safety system, trigger safety, lower rail, adjustable rear sight, new design textured grip, plus a slim profile and slide cuts to reduce weight. With SA/DA operation, it has double-strike capability. (

Kahr CW45


The economical Kahr CW45 has features making it one of the best concealed-carry pistols available. Its 6+1 .45 ACP firepower comes in a weapon with 6.32 inches of overall length, 4.8-inch height, 1.01-inch slide width, and an empty weight of 20.5 ounces. The black polymer frame and low bore axis add to reduced felt recoil, plus a natural “pointability.” A matte 416 stainless slide has fixed bar-dot sights. Cost is reduced with simpler-made parts and a conventional rifled barrel. (

Springfield XDS 3.3-inch Single-Stack


Another new concealable .45 ACP comes from Springfield. With a black polymer frame and forged steel Melonite finished slide, it weighs only 21.5 ounces empty, yet has a 5+1 capacity and an optional 7-round X-Tension magazine. The USA action trigger is combined with a grip safety and loaded-chamber indicator. Checkered front- and backstrap help control recoil and it has a lower rail for accessories. Fixed fiber-optic front sights and combat rear sight are mounted in dovetails. (

Stark Compact Hand Grip

se- 4

The SE-4 Compact Hand Grip is a streamlined version of Stark’s full-sized grip for those with a need for a lower profile fore grip. This lightweight grip allows the shooter to grip the forend several ways without added weight or bulk on the hand guard. This ArmorSoft-coated grip can be used as a hand stop when gripping the handguard or simply as an indexing point. Stark has added more textured surface to the lower end for a reliable grip and has retained a small storage space inside. The SE-4 Compact Hand Grip is designed to easily and securely fasten to standard 20mm AR-15 and M4 Picatinny rails. The SE-4 can be had in black, earth, green or multicam camouflage. (

Stark Express Forward Grip

se- 5

Stark’s SE-5 Express Grip is specifically designed for shooters who train and operate with the support hand well forward on the handguard or rails. The further forward the weapon is gripped, the more evenly distributed is the mass around the circumference of the grip and barrel, making it easier to manage recoil. The SE-5’s thumbs-forward grip allows the shooter’s shoulders to remain squared up, with elbows in and thumbs forward while “driving” the gun toward the threat for increased accuracy during dynamic situations. The Express Grip allows the user’s forearm and hand to remain in a more natural position whether the gun is held extended and on-target or at the low ready position. This allows the forward hand and forearm to assume a “radically normal” position, allowing operators to move comfortably, quickly and easily. (

TX-12 Special Task Weapon


Ten-X Tactical unveiled Tuesday their TX-12 Special Task Weapon for law enforcement and military applications. The TX-12 is the industry’s “first and only underslung, double action, ambidextrous 12-gauge shotgun system that maintains primary weapon readiness,” Richard Pumerantz, president of Ten-X Ammunition said. “Weighing less than 1 kilo, it is the world’s lightest 12-gauge STW ever created for mounting under a primary rifle.” With the military demanding significant weight reduction and increased operator safety, the TX-12 accepts up to 3-inch 12-gauge beanbags, flash bangs, chemical, flares and electronic stun devices. Its low-profile design also preserves the popular close-quarters-battle (CQB) tactical hold ahead of the magazine well. (

Ergo Grips Slim-Line Rail Cover


Ergo Grips’ new Slim-Line rail covers are made to protect the shooter, rails and other gear from damage and to provide a great grip. Made from Santoprene rubber, the Slim-Line rail covers fully cover Picatinny rails with the lowest, most comfortable profile possible. They are easily trimmed for custom fitting. Slim-Line rail covers are available in black, dark earth, OD green, pink, coyote brown and zombie green. (

Ergo Grips Never Quit Magwell Grip


Ergo Grips’ new Never Quit Magwell Grip reconfigures the squared shape of the AR/M4 magazine well into an ergonomic and comfortable grip option. Easily installed, it gives AR/M4 receivers a distinct aesthetic upgrade. It is oil and solvent resistant owing to its santoprene rubber construction. The Never Quit Magwell Grip is offered in five colors: black, dark earth, OD green, “zombie” green and pink. (

KFS Industries Versa-Pod Bipod


The 300 Series Versa-Pod bipod is the newest rifle rest offered by KFS Industries. This 100-percent American-made bipod is one of the most rugged built. Offered with Picatinny rail adaptors, the Versa-Pod comes with either a pan/tilt head or a non-pan/tilt head. The Versa-Pod comes in three feet styles: The Raptor Claw digs into soft soil for a firm grip; a Ski Foot works well in icy conditions; and the rubber foot covers the rest. The standard bipod is height-adjustable from 7 to 9 inches, while a taller model goes from 9 to 12 inches. (

KFS Industries Kensight Wingman


KFS Industries has also just released a new flip-out 45-degree back-up iron sight (BUIS) that stows away under your optic until needed. With the push of a button, the Kensight Wingman flips out of its housing at a 45- degree angle to line up with a retractable front sight. Made for the M4-platform carbine, this sight stays securely stored for quick deployment. When not in use, the Wingman takes advantage of the area under the primary optic, saving space and staying out of the way. The rear sight is adjustable to allow users to line up quickly targets from 100 meters to 600 meters. Precise, positive-lock windage adjustments make setting the sight a breeze. (

SPEC-OPS Accu-Pack


SPEC-OPS’ AR-15 cheek piece Accu-Pack helps get you on target. Made from 1000 Denier Cordura fabric, the Accu-Pack enhances accuracy by allowing for instant and perfect sight alignment. An EVA foam pad, which raises the cheek rest to your preferred height, also helps dampen recoil as it is transmitted through the gun stock. In addition, the Accu-Pack offers extra storage via a low-profile zippered pocket or a pouch that will hold a 30-round AR magazine. Three high-density foam pads are included to customize comb height. (

SWORD International’s Mk-15 Victrix Carbine


SWORD’s Victrix 5.56mm NATO AR carbines have a series of enhancements created with the end-user in mind. Combined with precision manufacturing, the result is one of the most reliable, smoothest running carbines available today. SWORD’s Warfighter PC Compensator features a crowned tip for pain compliance applications. It features dual top ports that reduce muzzle flip. The LW-1a stainless-steel barrel with cut rifling coated in black nitride makes the barrel accurate as well as hammer-forged durable. An examination of the CNC machined upper reveals a number of enhancements. There are unique weight distribution sections integrated on the non-ejection port side. This provides for improved gun balance and dramatically reduced vibration. (

SWORD International’s Mk-16 Jager Karabiner


SWORD International’s Mk-16 Jäger Karabiner was designed for military units, law enforcement officers or civilians looking for a high-quality carbine with the benefits of a gas piston system. A key feature of the Mk-16 Jäger Karabiner is SWORD’s proprietary self-regulating gas system. It features the company’s Warfighter PC Compensator. The free-floating barrel runs cooler and provides greater accuracy when it counts. Using SWORD’s unique Flex Change System, the Mk-16’s barrel and bolt can be swapped out in less than 2 minutes. With the ability to handle .300 Blackout and 6.8mm rounds, the Mk-16 is one of the most versatile carbines made. Its brass deflector has been reengineered to send spent brass not only to the side, but also forward. This eliminates the chances of other operators catching hot brass, which can be painful. (

SWORD International’s Mk-18 Warbow


SWORD International’s Mk-18 Warbow DMR is designed to serve in a unit designated marksman role. The Warbow offers a complete long-range application piece capable of being used in close-quarters battle and in other combat situations while nevertheless offering the extreme accuracy needed by the advanced marksman. Its Chupacabra Compensator/Flash Suppressor was created expressly for this rifle. It features dual top ports, which reduce muzzle flip and enhance the operator’s ability to stay on target. Flash suppression reduces the guns visible signature. A free-floated barrel runs cooler and provides greater accuracy when it counts. The SPR contoured marksmanship barrel uses a 1:7-inch right hand twist to take advantage of heavier marksmanship rounds. (

JARD’s .50 BMG Autoloader


JARD, a company well known for their precision rifle trigger upgrades, is expanding their firearms lineup with the Model J51, a magazine-fed .50 BMG autoloader. Assembled, the direct gas impingement rifle tips the scales at 24 pounds. This gas-operated rifle comes with a 30-inch barrel and a 15-lug rotating bolt. The fixed barrel is free-floated within a milled handguard. This powerhouse is fed by a five-round Accuracy International-style detachable magazine. (

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