Team Glock greets guests...


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Team Glock greets guests...
Team Glock greets guests...

Here’s what has our writers and editors buzzing on Day 1:


Based off of the synthetic “Armorlokt”-clad 3.5″ 12-ga. Model 887, the new 887 Nitro Mag Tactical shotgun (center) features a Picatinny rail strip on its receiver, a two-shot mag extension with a Picatinny rail support and a fiber optic front sight. It retails for $479.

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Remington rifles for Military and LE.
Remington rifles for Military and LE.
Dual Gun Thunder from Big Green!
Dual Gun Thunder from Big Green!


Retailing for around $300, “The Appeal” from European American Armory is a bullpup rimfire carbine that will be available in 22LR, 22 Mag. or 17 HMR. It comes standard in black and is available in a variety of coatings such as carbon fiber and camouflage finishes. An integral Picatinny rail is located in the carrying handle.

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Winchester SXAR Auto-loading, Centerfire Rifle – Gas operated semi-automatic rifle with Mossy Oak® Brush™ camouflage finish. The all-aluminum receiver is fitted to a match grade, hammer forged, chrome plated, heavy contour 20” barrel. Pistol grip stock is adjustable and a short Picatinny rail is attached to the lower front of the forearm. Available in .308 Winchester with a 10 round, detachable box magazine interchangeable with FNAR 20 round magazine.

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Knoxx shows off some new stocks geared towards LE and Outdoor markets.

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Tactical Knives editors visited Buck Knives booth to catch the “Jim Shockey Signature Series” debut.

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Sabre Defence’s David Power proudly poses with A3. Sabre was recently awarded a large U.S. Military contract. His guns will be in the hands of both Marine and Navy soldiers. Look for a feature on the endurance testing in Tactical Weapons later in 2010.


Advanced Armament is not afraid to take on the biggest of the big guns, showcasing the latest in suppressor development.

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Mossberg and Aimpro have teamed up to develop top of the line tactical shotguns for use in Law Enforcement. Checkout for further details.


Daniel Defense unveiled it’s new Ambush 6.8 SPC featuring a new forend design.

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Nighthawk’s Flex Hi-Cap is avaialble in .40, .45, and 9mm.



Craig Lauerman at Marble Arms has come up with a rear sight that installs in the normal rear dovetail you’d use for a sporting rear sight. It is based on a 19th century design used by Remington on their rolling block single shot rifles and gives an excellent sight picture. Craig originally developed this sight as a training device to teach young shooters, but shooters of any age will appreciate it’s instinctive use-ability. Though this sight has yet to be approved for Cowboy Action Shooting, hopes are it will eventually due to the historic underpinning of the design, and due to it’s user friendly nature for aging eyes.

Marble Arms,, 906-428-3710


Cowboy shooters appreciate a good knife, and this is one that they can fall in love with. Bear & Son Cutlery handcraft their knives in Jacksonville, Alabama and they produce a Damascus bladed Bowie knife that will add the finishing touch to any Cowboy outfit. The blade is forged out of 512 layers of steel alternated between mild and high carbon layers to produce a blade that can take a beating and still hold a razor edge. The Bowie is available in a variety of guard styles and grip materials. The American Standard Bowie pictured with smooth white bone grip scales a favorite.

Bear & Son Cutlery,, 800-844-3034


Everyone recognizes John Wayne’s iconic belt and holster. The rough-out suede belt and smooth tan holster may be the best known gun leather on planet earth. And while many makers have copied it, only Desantis Holster and Leather Goods Company has an exclusive licensing arrangement with the Wayne family to produce certified replicas of the Duke’s rig. Each holster and belt set is individually serial numbered on a bronze concho on the belt to guarantee authenticity. Only 3,500 will be made.

Desantis Holster and Leather Goods Co.,, 800-424-1236


This year Legacy Sports is introducing the “Factory Tuned Model,” featuring a tuned trigger and reduced hammer pull right out of the box. It will also have checkered walnut grips and will be available in .357 Mag and .45 Colt calibers with barrel 4.75 and 5.5 inches long.
Legacy Sports,, 800-553-4229


Rick Homme of Legacy Sports shows off his new 1886 lever action shotgun. This is a beatifully made replica built by Chiappa in Italy. The 1886 shotgun has a storied history and it is becoming more popular in cowboy action shooting. Legacy Sports offers it in 12 ga only in 22-inch and 28-inch barrel lengths. A “drop two” version is due out this year, which will speed loading for cowboy shooting competitors.

Legacy Sports,, 800-553-4229


The CZ 550 UCS is a fresh rifle concept built with a compact profile for maneuverability, reduced weight and “cold first shot” predictability. The rifle uses proven bench-rest principles by using a short stiff free floated 16” bull barrel with a target crown for consistent barrel harmonics and amazing accuracy. This barrel is enhanced with a Surefire muzzle break for soft recoil and QD suppressor compatibility. A Bell & Carlson fiberglass
stock, aluminum bedding block, oversized bolt handle, polished action, Teflon coating and a crisp single stage trigger complete the package. The balance and maneuverability of the CZ550 Counter Sniper make this rifle ideal for many tactical situations. Includes 10 round detachable magazine.

Suggested Retail Price:   $2,404

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Rock River Arms is showcasing their PPS (Performance Piston System) rifles, particularly this 8-inch SBR (short-barreled rifle) with a side-folding stock. Check out


Robar has applied its NP3 treament to this customized Ruger LCP, reducing and stippling the grip. For more on their custom work, visit


For 2010, Smith & Wesson has introduced a new semi-automatic pistol designed for personal protection – the BODYGUARD 380. After more than two and a half years in development, Smith & Wesson has also unveiled a new compact revolver designed for personal protection – the BODYGUARD 38. Engineered in conjunction with Insight Technology, a leader in the laser optics field, the BODYGUARD 380 and he BODYGUARD 38 offer consumers  unique, lightweight, self-defense firearms with built-in laser sights.


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