Nikon’s Jon LaCorte presented writer Scott Olmstead with the first annual Ian McMurchy award. Sadly, Ian passed away last year. He was a great Harris contributor for many years. His wonderful family was present during the award ceremony. More on this to come later on in the week.


For 2010 Colt unveils two new DAO .45ACP models, the Government Model and New Agent. Both models have lightweight forged aluminum slides and receivers, 9.5 lb. average double action trigger, re-strike capability, shallow chambers to keep the accuracy of a national match barrel. The triggers stage very well, leaving about a 0.5 lb. pull to drop the hammer. The 7+1 round capacity Agent has a 3-in. stainless steel barrel, the 8+1 capacity Government Model a 5.0-in. stainless steel barrel. Both have special thin walnut veneer grips with diamond checkering. The Agent has a channel frame sightline; the Government a dovetailed rear and blade front sight. Neither model has a frame mounted or backstrap safety, but in all other respects follows the 1911 platform for design and field stripping.

Available mid year, go to


For 2010 Cimarron F.A. Co. takes cowboy shooting into the early 20th century with a very affordable imported Colt Model 1911 .45 ACP. A “Wild Bunch” inspired western semi-auto Government style model, Cimarron president Mike Harvey describes the new .45 Auto as an “early version of the Government Model with lanyard ring. Production versions will have the old style diamond checkered grips, and a Parkerized finish (shown) or polished finish. There will also be a competition version.” Harvey says that he wanted to make the gun affordable and the standard model will sell for around $650,


As expected the new Glock Gen4 in .40 caliber has been joined by a new Gen4 G17 9mm. Like the .40 the new 9mm features three interchangeable backstraps: standard, +2mm and +4mm, a refined gripping surface evolved from the RTF2, and the Gen4’s new dual recoil spring, which tames even +P rounds. “The big difference,” explained a Glock rep, “is in the recoil which with 9mm is really very manageable.” With a few minor internal differences for caliber, the Gen4 G17 specs out the same as the Gen4 G22.

Check out for more information.


Desert Tactical Arms’ new HTI is a multi-caliber beast, with quick conversions to .50 BMG, .408 CT, .375 CT, .416 Barrett…


…and their Stealth Recon Scout offers remarkable versatility.

For more, log onto


Kahr Arms proudly showcased some of their most popular models…


For more information on the guns, check out


Blackhawk’s 1700 shirt is a casual plaid short-sleeved shirt, made of lightweight, wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking easy-care fabrics with UV protection.  It features a left chest side-entry zipper pocket, a left chest patch pocket, lower side slits for easy pant pocket access, and is available in either a flat weave or a textured weave, which aids in preventing weapon printing.   Available in blue, brown, green or gray plaid, $49.99 retail.


New for 2010 is Blackhawk’s TNT Ops Tactical Pant, featuring their TNT material, a special extremely lightweight fabric that is highly abrasion and tear resistant and hard-wearing.  It also has water resistant properties.  The comfort-driven design is based on their original HPFU combat pant, with elasticized, padded waistband, spacious cargo pockets with external zipper pockets, extra wide reinforced belt loops that accommodate a belt up to 1.75”, an articulated knee, YKK zippers and Prym snaps. Available in clay and navy, the TNT Ops Tactical Pant retails for $79.99.blackhawk-three-quarter-zip-grid-fleece-pullover

A new contoured, athletic fit pullover makes for minimal bulk when layering clothing.  The raglan sleeves allow for a full range of motion and have thumb holes for an easy donning.  A zippered chest pocket is added for convenience. Available in black or coyote brown, it retails for $69.99.

Blackhawk’s Thermo Fur Jacket is new for 2010.  The jacket was designed to be used either as an insulating layer, or for exterior wear. Constructed of warm highloft fleece, it features a full-length zipper in front and a left zippered breast pocket and zippered side pockets. Sleeves are of Raglan to allow free movement, and are gusseted in the underarm. Available in black or coyote brown.  Retail is $84.99
For more information, contact

BAE up-armored rides are ready to protect.

For more, check out


Though you are unlikely to be troubled by elephants in your vegetable garden, Dixie Gun Works .72 caliber Gibbs African Hunting Rifle is simply too beautiful to pass by. This muzzleloader is based on the beautiful British sporting rifles of the mid-nineteenth century. You don’t need to hunt Jumbo with it–it will put down American buffalo and elk with authority. Hunter Kirkland of DGW has every reason to be proud of this rifle.

Go to, 800-238-6785


A. Uberti is introducing the Rolling Block Hunting Carbine. This is essentially a baby rolling block action chambered for .30-30. This is a gun that will be appreciated by deer hunters who want a light weight woods rifle.

A.Uberti,, 800-264-4962


Brownell’s single action basepin puller is a simple idea that can really pay off. Getting a stuck basepin out of a fouled gun with just your fingertips can be a difficult proposition, but a basepin puller makes it effortless. One end of Brownells basepin puller is configured for Colts and clones while the opposite ends fits Ruger basepins. This is a must-have piece of gear.

Check out, 800-741-0015


Green means go for Viridian, who proudly exhibit their C5 series of green lasers.

Go to for more information.


Kimber’s new Ultra RCP II .45

Check out


General Dynamics showcases their new M2E2 full-auto .50 with quick-change barrels, allowing for a barrel switch in seconds rather than minutes.

For more, go to


Sig Sauer has shooting professionals doing hourly demos. These guys are unbelievable!


SureFire is celebrating 30 years of innovation.


Ron Canfield ran us through a very interesting SureFire history lesson. Thirty years and lots of “firsts” along the way.


SureFire’s Hellfighter lights up targets at more than 1,000 meters!

Check out


Steven Dick checking out some of Gerber Legendary Blades’ hottest new products. AO Fast assisted opener shown.


Gerber Strata multi-tool. Cool factor: pliers are spring loaded!

For more, go to


This 5.56mm AR carbine, still in development by Remington, is intended as an upgraded enhancement for the M4 Carbine. It features a monolithic upper receiver assembly housing a gas piston system of operation. Designed to operate with AAC suppressors, the gas system does not require adjustment for operation with and without the suppressor.

Check out


Designed to offer a massive volume of firepower very quickly, the 40mm six-shot MILKOR USA MK14 MOD0 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher is revolving semi-automatic unit. It features a collapsing AR-style stock, is 25.5″ long overall with the stock collapsed and weighs 18.4 pounds fully loaded.

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UMAREX has a rimfire version of this iconic tactical rifle which is called the HK tactical rimfire. Several configurations are available from UMAREX, who is also responsible for bringing us the Colt Tactical rimfire last year. The main components of this rifle are polymer and 10 and 25 round magazines are available for this authentic clone of the HK MP5 in 9mm.

For more, go to


The EMF JR Carbine is a right or left hand, blow-back operated, multi-caliber AR-styled weapon system designed to fire 9mm, .40 S&W & .45 ACP ammo. It is shipped with a Glock pistol magazine but can be converted to use other popular pistol magazines to include 1911 and S&W. All AR15 accessories are compatible with the flat top receiver and quad-rail fore-end. The rifle also uses the standard AR trigger group and will accept aftermarket AR triggers. It has a patented extraction and ejection system and is made 100% in the USA. MSRP $ 750.00

For more information, check out or call 800-430-1320


Rock River Arms showcases their PPS (Performance Piston System) in this exciting new SBR with a side-folding stock. Check out


FN is offering two civilian versions of their popular SCAR. Both are semi-auto only rifles with 16 inch barrels. One is chambered for the 5.56 NATO and the other for 7.62 NATO.  Both rifles feature a telescoping, side-folding polymer stock, adjustable folding / removable rear sight, short stroke – gas piston system, adjustable folding front sight, adjustable gas regulator, compensator, MIL-STD 1913 accessory rails on the upper receiver and top, bottom and sides of the hand guard. The lower receiver incorporates an A2 pistol grip and an ambidextrous safety lever.

Check out for more details.


Speer Deep Curl Component Bullets: Available in seven different calibers between .243 and .338, Speer’s new Deep Curl bullet offers Provides great weight retention, flat base bullet stability and deep penetration at a competitive price. These new electro-chemically bonded rifle bullets are only available as handloading components.

Go to for more information.


Nosler extends their line of custom, factory precision ammunition with a .308 Winchester load using Nosler’s 168 grain Custom Comp bullet. .223  Remington loads coming soon.

Check out for more information.


Surefire is now developing new high efficient suppressors designed to cut weight, but not performance. Made of strong but lightweight  titanium, each new 5.56, 7.62 and .338 suppressors weighs between 8 and 12 ounces , allowing for a better balanced weapon whether clearing a room or patrolling a wadi. Why a suppressor? Well only movies use the term “silencer” because the purpose of the device is to muffle, not eliminate the muzzle blast. This throws off the bad guys from locating the shooter’s position by as much as 60 to 90 degrees from the actual shot. However, the suppressor does completely eliminate any muzzle flash making night-time engagements tough for bad-guy counter battery fire! The new Surefire titanium suppressors will be available starting in 2010. View more at or call 800-828-8809.


Coming from an unexpected, but familiar and trusted company, Coleman is now offering an incredible bright, full size LED flashlight at an incredible price. Well so what; there are lots of LED flashlights on the market, so what makes it special? Firstly it is powered by six easy to find AA batteries, second it has a run time of 5 hours, thirdly it puts out a blinding 500 lumens of light, and lastly the cost is a fraction of the competitors’ prices. At an incredible $79.99, Coleman’s MCE-6AA aluminum LED flashlight is easy to keep on at the bedside, in the car, by the front door and at your daughter’s apartment. At night, the flash of this light into the eyes of a perp with bad intent will dazzle and blind them long enough for defense or retreat. In a sense the flashlight is a weapon in itself, and at the MSRP of $80, it is a weapon that will not attack your wallet! Contact Coleman at or call 800-835-3278.


Crimson Trace has introduced a new model of their revolutionary modular vertical foregrip that utilizes both a 5mw,  520-540 nm, Class 3R green laser and a 150-200 lumen white light in one unit. Crimson trace has solved the heat buildup and short battery life problems inherent with tactically efficient, green targeting LASERs. The color green is in the center of our visual acuity “sweet spot” so the green dot, approximately 0.5” at 50 feet, is readily visible even during day Ops. The MVF-515 G provides three tools in one; a robust vertical foregrip for Picatinny rail equipped weapons stiffened with a backbone of aircraft grade, 6061-T6 hard-anodized aluminum, a brilliant, long lasting (four hours runtime with two CR-123 batteries) white light, and a powerful green targeting LASER, both of which can be selected for continuous or flashing modes. The ergonomically designed controls can be easily located, identified by feel and manipulated without loss of situational awareness. The American made MVF-515 G has Crimson Trace’s limited three-year warranty and has a MSRP of $649.00. For more info contact


Realizing that Operators multi-task, Safariland has introduced the FAV system of ballistic armor that allows a LEO or warfighter to change his ballistic protection to match the mission with a line of three unique carrier configurations. For simple patrol duties, the concealable low profile or low visibility FAV is worn but if required to enter and clear a structure, the operator can have a complete, tactical FAV carrier, with MOLLE pouch attachments  that can be filled with plates taken from the lightweight unit. No longer does an operator have to carry two or more sets of ballistic armor, or worse, knowlingly enter a hazardous engagement with inferior protection. Level I, II, IIIA or IV can be carried to match the potential threat with a minimum amount of redundant weight and bulk. Contact or call 800-347-1200.


Featuring an 8″ barrel, the .308 Win. FAL Pistol from DS Arms offers potent power in a petite package. The pistol features an Extreme Duty Picatinny rail top cover, single point sling attachment ring and an adjustable A2-style rear sight. It shown equipped with one of DSA’s new 25-round FAL mags. MSRP for the pistol will be $1,600.

For more information, visit


The new DPMS Oracle is an optics ready AR with a 16 inch light contour barrel with a 1 in 9. It is similar to the DPMS Sportical but with a lower profile A3 type, optics ready receiver. Available in 7.62 NATO with an A2 flash hider and a single rail gas block. MSRP $ 1074.00

Check out for more information.


Despite rumors to the contrary, Ithaca Gun Company is not dead–they are under new ownership/management and back to work on their classic shotgun lines.  In the Tactical/Defense area Ithaca has released a new retractable stock/pistol grip combination.   Inside the stock tube they have built in a proprietary recoil reduction system.  Look for new things from this seasoned gun maker.

For more, go to


One drawback of the Ruger Mini-14 rifle has always been the availability of high-capacity magazines.  Only the factory models worked well and those were often difficult to come by.  Tapco introduces a brand new 30-round magazine for the Mini-14 set to retail in the neighborhood of $20.  Also, their polymer AR magazine has now become the “Gen 2” version with slight changes made to improve reliability under the most adverse conditions.

Check out for more.


Known for their rail systems, Midwest Industries has introduced a 4-way rail for the AK series.  These new all aluminum rails allow you to mount accessories top, bottom, left or right on a Romanian or Yugoslavian AK.  One of most attractive features is the price,with the rail system is set to retail below $150.

For more information, go to


Duostock Designs offers their unique retractable M4 stock in both black and desert tan. In addition to the stock piece that can be swapped out for the standard model. Duostock is now offering the buffer/buffer tube and stock combination for those looking to switch out an A2 stock or build up a stripped lower receiver.

Go to to find out more.


Spec-Ops Brand, makers of all things nylon and tactical, has expanded their load bearing gear in two of the most popular camouflage patterns available.  Several LBE items will now be availiable in Desert Digital and Multi-Cam to mate with uniforms of both the Marine Corps and members of the Army’s Special Operations Command.

Check out


Heeding requests from military and law enforcement for a more subdued eyewear, the new line of Black Ops high-velocity glasses are designed to fulfill that mission.  Retaining the shatterproof lenses and durable frames WileyX wearers have come to expect, the Black Ops models feature matte black finish frames that suppress light reflection and overall profile.  Of course, lenses still withstand ANSI high velocity impact tests, and both lenses and frames bear up to the ANSI high mass impact test.  Eight new models make up the Black Ops lineup.

For more information, contact


Danner introduces their new USMC Rat Temperate and Combat Hiker boots at SHOT 2010.  The USMC Rat Temperate (above) in desert tan with the eagle, globe and anchor on the side of the heel is constructed of durable full-grain leather. Lining is 100% waterproof GORE-Tex, and the upper portion of the boot is a breathable and tear-resistant 1000Denir nylon.  Modern speed laces are employed.


The new Combat Hiker, features thick full-grain leather, GORE-TEX lining, and an advanced lug design Vibram Bifida outsole for traction.   A wrap-around abrasion-resistant rand stands up to rugged terrain.

For more information, contact


Long-time provider of ballistic eye protection for the U.S. military, Revision Eyewear adds five models to their lineup for 2010.  The first is the Revision Desert Locust (pictured) Fan Goggle system, an innovative design which incorporates an integrated battery-powered fan to provide anti-fog protection in varying environments with an unrestricted field of view through high-performance OcuMax coated lenses. Like the Desert Locust goggle, the Asian Locust incorporates the same broad field of view and anti-fog OcuMax coating, but is specifically engineered for perfect fit and maximum comfort with Asian face morphology. The Wolfspider Tactical Goggle system provides an uncompromised field of view and anti-fog OcuMax coating with best-in-class ballistic protection. Revision’s Bullet Ant goggle provides superior ballistic eye protection in a low profile design that is highly compatible with various helmets and equipment for military and tactical operations. Finally, Revision’s Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses are now offered with polarized lenses to provide minimal light transmittance while reducing surface reflections and glare. All of Revision’s eyewear exceeds military performance requirements.

For additional information, contact

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Nikon's Jon LaCorte presented writer Scott Olmstead with the first annual Ian McMurchy award.…