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Sarsilmaz is a Turkish gun company that had a variety of tactical shotgun’s specifically designed for law enforcement.  The M204ATP is a 12 gauge scattergun that features: an extended seven-round magazine; folding metal stock; and magazine mounted light system.  Sarsilmaz has been around since 1880, so they know what they’re doing.

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New from Beretta for 2010 is the TX4 Storm 12 gauge gas operated shotgun.  The TX4 has a mag capacity of five 2 ¾” shells and an 18-inch barrel.  With a picatinny rail atop its receiver for the use of red-dot sights, the TX4 also comes from the factory with ghost ring sights. Of particular interest is the composite stock and forearm, which has integral soft rubber gripping services.  The length of pull with the TX4 is adjustable with 1/2” spacers (comes with one spacer).  The TX4 comes with Beretta’s Optima Bore HP choke tube system and is available with an optional muzzle comp.

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The gang from Vang Comp had their superb shotguns on display.  Vang Comp does more than simply port a 12 gauge–with contracts from the D.E.A. as well as other serious shotgun shooters, Vang Comp can take an ugly duckling of a shotgun and turn it into a beautiful swan (one that fires multiple rounds of serious 12 gauge buckshot). Hans Vang and the smiths that work with him are top notch and really nice folks.

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Many of the state-of-the-art kinetic energy impact munitions are only available in 40mm.  What 40mm offers over standard police riot 37mm launchers is a rifled barrel and increased accuracy.  Since putting the rounds on target, whether impact or chemical munitions, is what’s it’s all about, a reliable and accurate 40mm launcher is what you need.  RM Equipment manufactures M203 grenade launchers that can be mounted under the standard M16A2 for use in the U.S. military.  They also make stand-alone 40mm launchers for police.  On display at this year’s SHOT show was a pistol grip version.  This launcher can be hung around the arm/neck of an operator and give instant access to impact or chemical munitions.  Very small and compact, the RM M203PI can be quickly placed into service versus a full-size launcher.

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Lightfield has long manufactured kinetic energy impact munitions in a variety of configurations.  For 2010 the company is now marketing its Rubber Slug and Super Star 12 gauge products to the general public.  The Slug and Super Star (think Koosh ball on steroids) have velocity between 800 to 900 fps.  At close range these munitions can put a hole in an intruder but won’t go through three interior walls and injury a family member like conventional shotgun fodder may.  Are they non-lethal?  No.  Are they less-lethal than conventional ammo?  Yes.

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No we’re not talking about attending a performance of the Blue Man Group here in Las Vegas… Blue Face is a new product from Sabre that includes a blue dye in the pepper stream.  The dye stays on the suspect (to make identification easier) for 24 hours.  The OC product is the same high-quality debilitating Oleoresin Capsicum that we’ve grown to love from Sabre (and that suspects have grown to hate).

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On display from Mace is their Pepper Gun, which they describe as the most accurate non-lethal self-defense spray available.  The plastic gun-type design, similar to a single shot flare gun, fires OC spray out to 25 feet.  The distance is possible because of the double can design which can be replaced in the break top design.  With an integral white light to help get pepper spray accurately on target, the Pepper Gun has been a big seller to civilians.

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Small blaster is what comes to mind when holding a KEG12 from Safety Harbor.  Whether in a 7 ¼ “ or a ten-inch barrel, the little 12 gauge can deliver three or four buckshot rounds from a small discreet package.  Sporting a folding front vertical forearm the KEG12 could work as a small breaching shotgun or with 00 buck deliver awesome firepower from a concealed shotgun.

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According to Mesa Tactical, the standard stock length of the Benelli and Remington shotguns by members of the U.S. Military and police tactical teams has led to an angular stance that unnecessarily exposes the less-armored sides of the torso.  Mesa has developed the Urbino which has a 12 ½-inch length-of-pull stock to “square away” the soldier or police in their shooting stance.  Additionally, the Urbino will be available with a cheek riser to enable the use of red-dot sights.  The Urbino will begin shipping sometime after April 2010, according to Mesa’s Mitch Barrie.



The M4 from Benelli sports a fixed or adjustable butt stock, rail system on top of the receiver for reflex or holographic sights, ghost ring iron sights and has proven itself in use by the Marine Corps.  Available in a black finish as well as desert camouflage, the dual piston self-cleaning operating system has proven itself reliable in hard use in the world’s hot-spots.
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Although many firearms have been upgraded and modernized in recent years, the double barrel 12 gauge has not, that is until recently.  Stoeger has released the Double Defense shotgun, which adds the ability to affix modern red dot sights and white lights to picatinny rail systems that are mounted above and below the twin tubes.

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Remington showed off their new Model 887 Tactical pump action 12 gauge.  This model sports an 18 ½ inch barrel and features a 2-shot mag extension.  The new design has a rail system on top the receiver for mounting red-dot sights as well as a side mounted small rail so you can affix a white light.  The Model 887 features Remington’s Armorlokt coating which is a polymer finish that is impenetrable to moisture and will never rust according to company literature.

Also from Remington in their Law Enforcement line is the Model 870 Modular Combat System (MCS™) shotgun.  The system provides the tactical operator the ability to field different configurations based on the mission.  From an 18 inch barrel to a pistol gripped ten inch barrel breaching shotgun, the MCS system can, according to Remington, be modified quickly without tools based on the REM™LOC Quick Change Stock System.

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The brainchild of police officer Glenn Bushee the BIL Flexaton combines a high output light (170 lumens) with an expandable thermo plastic baton.  The light can be used in the traditional flashlight mode while allowing an officer to have a less-lethal impact weapon in hand for instant deployment.  With a flick of the wrist the baton expands to a length of 27 inches.  The baton flexes on impact which should dump more kinetic energy on target while the thermo plastic design reduces the potential for injuries.  The switch allows the flashlight to strobe which can be used to disorient a suspect prior to striking with the baton or the officer can light (disorient) then strike.

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The Spitfire pepper spray dispenser is small enough to be unobtrusively carried on a ring with your car and house keys and yet instantly ready should a threat present itself.  The thumb actuated dispenser is unlike most oleoresin capsicum sprays in that it is held in the fist and actuated unlike most defense sprays which are held upright like a spray can.  The Spitfire spray contains a 10% solution with a 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) rating.

New from Spitfire at SHOT is the Hex® a Yawara defense stick unit with integral OC spray.  The Hex is just the right size to protrude from your fist so that it can be used to strike an assailant before or after you spray them with pepper spray.  The unbreakable Hex unit can be reloaded with OC cartridges from Spitfire.

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Aegis Industries LLC is a new company that was started by former Navy SEAL Ken Stethem.  The MK63 Trident is defined by Aegis as a Handheld, Modular, Multi-stimulus Response Device or (HMMRD).  What the MK63 does is incorporate several different less-lethal options in one package.  Looking like a cutoff side-handle baton, the MK63 offers an electronic restraint device, OC pepper spray and impact device combined.  The OC spray fires from the thumb activated handle out to 25 feet.  The electronic restraint device contacts, which are used like a traditional stun gun to achieve NMI (Neuromuscular Incapacitation), are on one end as well as an integral 320 Lumen L.E.D. light.  The MK63 is made of durable material and is designed to strike with as well.  A rail system allows optional laser and white lights to be attached.

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Safariland displayed their new Low Roll and Mini Bang distraction devices from their Defense Technology line.  One of the problems with tossing round NFDD (Noise and Flash Distractionary Devices) devices is that they tend to roll away from the breach point and this can result in unintended injuries.  The new Low Roll and Mini Bangs incorporate octagonal sections on the top and bottom of the units to inhibit rolling.  The devices are non-reloadable and are listed at 175 decibels and 8 million candelas.  Both units should hit the market by March of this year.

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The Tornado system incorporates an OC spray unit with a 125 decibel alarm that activates once the unit is removed from the rotating belt clip.  The pepper spray unit also has a strobe light to blind an assailant while spraying or to prevent the need to spray.  The Tornado can be carried on a neck lanyard, belt clip, arm band, vehicle mount or wall-mounted unit for the home.  The Insta-Freeze Spray™ contained within is listed at 2 million Scoville heat units and sprays out to 15 feet according to company representatives.

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Developed as a military-specific variant of the 7.62x51mm SCAR-H, the SSR (sniper support rifle) is a highly capable semi-automatic precision rifle sporting a fully adjustable buttstock assembly and lengthened barrel assembly.

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The ladies from Lansky Sharpeners, making sure the show never gets dull!

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In addition the their phenomenally well-built and accurate bolt-action rifles, American Precision Arms is manufacturing quality parts.  Unveiled at SHOT is APA’s new “Redefined AR Billet Lower”.  This lower receiver is precision machined 7075 T651 aluminum billet.   Rather than cut the lower with sharp 90 degress corners, APA has gone the extra mile to slope and radius the edges.

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The current Global War on Terror has our troops training with indigenous forces. Most of these foreign troops are equipped with what we’ve always called “ComBloc” weapons; AK-47s, RPKs, and RPGs.   Blackheart International has designed an RPG backpack that will securely and safely tote two rounds of RPG ammunition.  It has padded shoulder straps and extra compartments.

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Tactical Rifles builds precision bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles with quality parts from other manufacturers and their own unique designs.  Released for SHOT 2010 are their light-weight scope rings.  The rings combine aluminum alloy, Titanium, and brass knobs to give the shooter less added weight to their rifle but maximum contact surface with their optical sight.

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Gun parts rust and they get dirty.  The goal of Robar Companies has been to develop the best metal coatings to both prevent rust and add a built in lubriation quality.   Robar has taken their existing products a step farther with their improved “NP3 Plus” finish.  NPS Plus provides superior protection in the harshest environments and added a lubricity to the parts.

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Blue Force Gear, makers of myrial load bearing gear and accessories, has added to their “Ten-Speed” Series.  The Ten-Speed Chest Rig will hold six AR/M4 magazines or a combination of gear securely.  Adding less than 9 ounces to your kit, the Chest rig is ideal for discreet operations and training.  The model featured herein has the A-TACS camouflage pattern.

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mp-pistonThis new AR from Smith & Wesson comes with a 16-inch barrel and, unlike other M&P rifles, relies on a piston driven operating system. The system has three settings; in the middle is the standard setting for normal operation, turn to one side and the rifle is set to work with a suppressor, turned the other direction the rifle turns into a single shot. The single shot mode makes this a great rifle for young adults to learn on and hunt with. The rifle has a six position stock, flat top receiver and single rail gas block for mounting a front sight.

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The Smith & Wesson line of pistols has been complemented with the addition of Crimson Trace’s new dedicated targeting red LASER. Designed to blend to the pistol’s contours, the polymer housing with rubber overmolded activation pad is designed to use the shooter’s instinctive grasp of the weapon to help trigger the LASER. Powered by one 1/3N 3V Lithium or two 357 Silver Oxide batteries, the LASER has a run time of approximately four hours of illumination. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation, the CRC LG-406 gives the shooter confidence that any target can be acquired and engaged with the first shot under any condition.

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Remington is offering their own version of the Bushmaster ACR which is made in the Remington plant and specifically produced for military and law enforcement distribution. The main difference in this ACR and the Bushmaster civilian version is that this is a select fire rifle that comes with a battle kit containing a cleaning kit, multiple barrels in multiple calibers and various other user-configurable components.


This has to be the coolest, most tactical aftermarket stock for a Remington 700 to date. It is similar in design to the stock Remington uses on their military only MSR rifle. This stock is aluminum and fully adjustable for length of pull and height of comb. It has a multiple side and lower Mil-Spec rails to include the modular accessory rail for optics mounting that stays mounted to the action if it is removed from the stock. The aluminum forearm is grooved for the placement of multiple wires for pressure switches. This stock is available for short and long action Remington model 700 rifles and will retail for about $ 1800.00.

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Barrett has taken the .416 Barrett cartridge and finally placed it in a short-recoil, semi-automatic rifle (82A1). It is also available in .50 BMG (82A1CQ). The .416 Barrett cartridge offers incredible long range precision and the new muzzle break makes the 82A1 comfortable and exciting to shoot. This rifle fits into a regular size carrying case and, although transported in a disassembled configuration, this rifle can be assembled in under a minute with only two pins. The rifle comes with a Mil-Spec optics rail tapered 27 MOA for long range shooting. Emergency iron sights are provided.
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Berger has finally brought a .338 caliber VLD to market. This 300 grain bullet is perfect for excessive long range shooting and was specifically designed for the .338 Lapua cartridge.

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The PRT 91 Squad Carbine (SC) is an HK style semi-auto carbine in .308 NATO. It has a 16-inch fluted target barrel and 20-round magazine. The rifle has a new tactical handguard machined from Mil-Spec, hard anodized aluminum complete with 6.5” rails, flash hider, welded scope mount and HK Navy polymer trigger group. A CT, MA, NY & NJ compliant model with welded compensator and one 10 round magazine. MSRP $ 1580.00

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The Universal Thermal Acquisition Monocular represents the latest advancement in American handheld thermal imagers. Unlike Infrared (IR) scopes that sees only the reflected IR spectrum light, the thermal imager “sees” heat gradients generated by equipment and people. Both the 2X zoom NIVISYS UTAM-32 and UTAC-32 are designed to both illuminate and target while the UTAC-32 can be used in series with a warfighter’s familiar targeting optic. Using two CR123 batteries that give 5 hours of run time, the monoculars have hot shoes for accessories like remote control, laser pointers, range finders, recording devices, image capture and external battery packs. Made for American users and not cheap at about $20k, these units help our warfighters and LEOs own the night.

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After over half a century with the same kind of hand-held flashlights, 5.11 has made the first real leap in flashlight technology. Consumers now can have a flashlight that gives hours of blinding bright performance – with NO batteries. Yes, using slow discharge capacitors, a ninety second recharge gives hours of up to 270 lumens of LED light. Both the UC3.400 full size duty size and PC3.300 mid size utility light are designed for a lifetime of 50,000 charge cycles with no memory degradation like rechargeable battery driven lights. For an amazing value of $169.99 and $159.99, the full and mid sized Light For Lights offer bright, super-bright and strobe functions that allow users to illuminate both far and near as well as providing a defense function.

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Taylor’s & Co. has raised the bar on out-of-the-box tuned actions with their new Single Action “Runnin’ Iron” revolvers. The six-shooters have finely tuned hammers and triggers designed for Cowboy Action Shooting, particularly mounted shooting where the “Runnin’ Iron’s” lengthened, laid back hammer allows for quick cocking on the move. The guns are available in 3.5 in., 4.75 in., or 5.5 in. barrel lengths, either blued finish with color cased frame, or polished stainless. Grips are wood on all models except the 3.5 in. version which has polymer grips. Calibers are .45 LC or .357 Magnum. Retail price is $780 in stainless steel or $650 blued.

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The new CZ 75 PO-7 chambered in .40 S&W is the latest SA/DA auto from the renowned European arms maker. It is the same design as the 9mm CZ PO-7 but in .40 caliber with a 12+1 capacity. The gun features an interchangeable ambidextrous safety or de-cocker, which can be switched out by the user in minutes. Standard features include under frame picatinny rail, skeletonized hammer, second strike capability, over-size trigger guard, and reversible magazine release. Suggested retail is $599 with availability by spring 2010.

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For those who love the legendary Ruger Blackhawk for its superior quality, heft, and performance in the world of single action revolvers, the 8-Shot New Model Blackhawk chambered in .327 Federal Magnum is sure to become another Ruger benchmark. The .327 Federal Magnum cartridge offers performance that rivals the .357 Magnum but with 20% less felt recoil. Muzzle velocity from the Blackhawk’s 5.5-inch barrel is a whopping 1,665 fps. The New Model Blackhawk also chambers .327 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Long, and .32 S&W.  The satin polished stainless steel 8-shooter comes with adjustable rear sights and handsome rosewood grips. Suggested retail is $681.


Ruger introduces a new version of its venerable GP100 revolver chambered in .327 Federal Magnum. The gun features a 4.2-in. stainless steel barrel, and overall length of 9.5-in. With a weight of 40 oz. the new double action GP100 chambers 7-rounds of the hot new Federal Magnum delivering superior performance and a muzzle velocity of 1,525 fps. The .327 Federal Magnum cartridge offers performance that rivals the .357 Magnum but with 20% less felt recoil. The GP100 has energy absorbing cushioned black rubber Hogue Monogrips, fully shrouded barrel, triple lock cylinder, and adjustable rear sight. The suggested retail is $701 with availability this summer.

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This is not a conventional revolver but don’t let it’s similarity to the Mateba fool you, the Rhino is no Mateba. This innovative line of defensive revolvers from Armi Sport Chiappa in Italy, utilizes one of the Mateba’s best characteristics; it fires from the bottom chamber instead of the top, thereby significantly reducing recoil because the mass of the .357 Magnum wheelgun is above the barrel. The cylinder is hexagonal for comfortable carry, and three of the four models have picatinny rails on the bottom of the barrel; the 6-inch Model 60DS also has a rail on top of the large barrel vent rib. The compact Rhino 200D is a snub nose version with 2-inch barrel. The new line will be available this summer from Chiappa Firearms, Ltd. in Dayton, Ohio.

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Magnum Research is showcasing 2 new 1911 .45s, retailing at $799…


as well as their iconic Desert Eagle .50 with a redesigned gas system.

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