R&R Targets has taken the utilitarian Saiga-12 shotgun and, according to their flyer, turned it into an AR-12.  Not literally but they have modified the bolt handle and placed it on the left side, replaced the lever safety with a traditionally place AR style safety, developed an AR style mag well and mag release as well as improving the sights and developing a sight mount for red-dots.  Available in full race gun configuration for competition, R&R also makes a less modified more street worthy version as well (R&R also makes a “float tube” with stand-off so that their shotgun can be used as a door breaching gun as well).  With 12 or 20 mags (larger for competition) the R&R Saiga-12/AR-12 is an interesting offering.

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The same people that are well known for their less lethal munitions and launchers also offer custom shotguns and parts.  Sage International had several custom modified shotguns at their booth, including both pump and semi-auto.  Sage does ghost ring sight work, telescoping stocks, sling loops and a variety of other custom modifications.  From full-size to cut down breaching shotguns, Sage has got a shotgun for you.

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Legacy Sports is working to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Proceeds from the sale of this custom crafted 1911 go towards the organization.

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When we think of less-lethal, we usually think of electronic restraint device, chemical sprays or sometime of impact munition.  Combined Systems has developed something quite different with the LEDI.  LEDI is short for Light Emitting Diode Incapacitator.  The LEDI is a non-invasive light that flashes different colored high intensity light at whomever it is aimed at.  The result is disorientation and other effects such as nausea from a distance with no residual effects.  With an optimum range of 7 to 30 feet the LEDI can be used alone or in combination with other less-lethal technologies to disorient, distract or disburse rowdy suspects.  Think of the benefits of controlling a college bar crowd at closing time when they won’t disburse.  CSI hopes to release LEDI in late 2010.

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Mace has introduced a new top actuator for their Takedown brand of OC spray products.  The push button actuator includes a built in LED light.  Imagine being able to identify friend from foe and help getting pepper spray accurately on the face of an assailant.  With the proliferation and low cost of LED’s kudos to Mace for adding it to a standard can of their fine product.
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Offering a variety of tactical packs and gear, Hazard 4 has something for everyone–like this Tonto pack, featuring multiple concealed carry compartments.

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American Spirit Arms is showcasing their side-charging handles on weapons in .308, .223 and a multi-caliber M4.

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LaserLyte has designed a laser aiming module so compact it fits in the rear sight cut of popular semi-automatics. Dubbed the Rear Sight laser, it is available for Glocks, S&W’s M&P series and Springfield XD/XD (M) pistols. Constructed of nickel-enriched high carbon steel for toughness and durability, the RSL is thumb-activated via a switch on the rear. One push activates a constant-on beam, a second push changes the beam to a pulse and another push turns it off. A rear-facing LED indicates the mode to the shooter. Run time is one hour in constant-on and two hours in pulsate.

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CRKT’s new Hissatsu Folder was created at the request of professionals for those times when they need a more discreet edged weapon than the company’s popular fixed-blade Hissatsu. The handy Hissatsu Folder features a pocket clip, OutBurst assisted opening, thumb disk and textured Zytel scales. Blades are AUS 8 steel and are available in 3.125- and 3.875-inch lengths. Overall weight for the smaller knife is 3.6 ozs. while the larger one weighs 5.8 ozs.

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The new ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) from Bushmaster is a modular platform that rapidly changes caliber or configuration without tools. With easily exchanged components, it can go from 6.8 mm Rem. SPC to 5.56 x 45 mm and back. Moreover, with different barrel lengths, it can be configured for everything from close-quarters combat to designated marksman duty. Among its many features are a quick-change16 ½-inch barrel with a new long-life coating (10 ½-, 14 ½- and 18-inches are also available), two-position gas piston, multi-caliber bolt assembly, ambidextrous controls, composite handguard and heat shield, 1913 top rail, composite lower receiver and stock and Magpul MBUS flip sights. An enhanced version offers an AAC Blackout flash hider, three-sided aluminum handguard with 1913 rails and a folding and telescoping stock.

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Colt has unveiled a tribute to legendary western TV star Hugh O’Brian’s Wyatt Earp character. The 12-inch barrelled Buntline revolver and 4.75-inch barreled SAA are copies of the guns O’Brian’s character carried in the series.


Colt and Talo have teamed with gun scribe Wiley Clapp to produce the 21st Century Commander. The .45 ACP-cal. pistol is optimized for carry with those features favored by Clapp. It has a Series 70 action without the onerous firing pin safety for enhanced trigger pull; an alloy receiver for light weight; small, original-style controls; front and rear cocking serrations; flat mainspring housing; Novak sights with a brass bead front and extra-wide notch rear; tactical oval grips and 25-l.p.i. checkering on the frontstrap.

Colt’s  Manufacturing Company,, 800-962-2658


E.M.F. is targeting youth shooters and plinkers with this 10-shot SAA clone chambered for .22 LR.

For more, contact, 800-508-1824


Unique is the only word to describe Kimber’s exclusive Model 1911 .45 Centennial Edition. Limited to only 250 examples to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Colt Model 1911, this Kimber tribute features a deluxe color casehardened frame and blued finish by Doug Turnbull, ivory grips by Dan Chesiak, and elegant hand engraved scrollwork on the slide.  The Centennial Edition comes in a handcrafted presentation case with polished serial plate.
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The gun that built a legendary company has emerged in yet another version for 2010 with the new Ruger 22/45 pistol. The latest .22 caliber Mark III features the classic grip angle and feel of a 1911 with new replaceable classic checkered cocobolo 1911-style grip panels. The gun has a slim polymer grip frame with serrated front strap and checkered back strap. Standard barrel length for the 10-shot .22 is 5.50 in. Suggested retail is $380.

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The new compact Taurus PT 809 C has been designed to provide everything one could want in a small, 3.5-inch barrel 9mm semi-auto. With 12+1 capacity, the PT 809 C has contoured ambidextrous thumb rests and finger indexing Taurus Memory Pads, ambidextrous magazine release, external hammer and aggressive checkered grip design. Offered in blued or stainless slides the pistol has an overall length of only 6.70 inches and weighs 24.7 ounces. Standard safety features include a visual loaded chamber indicator and the keyed Taurus Security System that securely locks the gun. Part of the 800 series it is also offered in .357 SIG (10+1) and .40 cal (10+1) all with advanced “Strike Two” trigger capability.


The defense never rests with the new Taurus Raging Judge Ultra-Lite. This heavy hitting revolver based on the Raging Bull frame carries seven rounds of .410 ga. 3-in. or 2.5-in. shot shells, .45 Colt JHP, or a combination of both. Like the original Judge, this revolver delivers devastating firepower for self-protection. The Raging Judge Ultra-Lite features the Raging Bull back strap to reduce felt recoil, the Taurus Ultra-Lite frame to reduce weight, and a highly visible fiber optic front sight. It is available in matte stainless steel (pictured) or blued finish with either a three-inch barrel (overall length 10.2 in., 41.4 oz.) or six-inch barrel (overall length 13.6 in., 47.2 ounces.)

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Making tactical more than just a buzzword, FN has introduced FNP-45 Tactical. Developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program (JCP ), it offers .45 Auto performance with a variety of special features including a checkered polymer frame in Flat Dark Earth finish, a low bore axis for reduced felt recoil, two interchangeable back straps, fully ambidextrous slide, safety and mag releases, and a 5.3 in. stainless steel barrel with threaded muzzle for sound suppressors, compensators and other accessories. The FDE stainless steel slide has high-profile combat sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights (as shown).

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The already successful new sub compact .380 Sig Sauer P238, introduced in 2009, has been joined by five new versions including the highly distinctive Special Edition with titanium “Rainbow” finish and rosewood grips (pictured), and a P238 equipped with a Sig Sauer frame-mounted laser featuring an ambidextrous activation switch. Other new models include a Special Edition Nitron with Rosewood grips, Two-Tone with Blackwood grips, and a limited edition Equinox model from the Sig Custom Shop with a multi-tone finish, gray laminated wood grips and an accessory rail.
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Magnum has added new boot styles incorporating their technology pioneering process called ionmask.  Ionmask is a patented plasma-based technology, developed to repel most liquids and chemicals. It permanently alters the surface of a product at a molecular level to repel water and other liquids- even blood pathogens– which are forced to bead up like mercury and simply run-off to protect the wearer.
New boots featuring the ionmask technology include the Elite Force 8.0 WPi, Spider 8.1 Desert HPi, Stealth Force 6.0 Side Zipper and Stealth Force 8.0 Side Zipper.

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The newest hot item from Eotac is their Direct Action Line of battle dress uniforms.  Utilizing very light-weight high-grade material and incorporating their Tacti-Fit sizing and fit system, the Direct Action apparel holds up under the harshest conditions while maintaining comfort for the user. One of the most advantageous features of the clothing for military is the A-TACs camo- which gives superior blending of camouflage patterns over the older pixilated pattern currently in use.  The De Recce pant, shirt, and smock are the first style being introduced to the line. Special Forces personnel are already clamoring for the clothing.
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U.S. Tactical has taken on a line of lightweight, quality affordable Ghillie clothing for snipers and sharpshooters from Tactical Concealment Mfg Corp.  These include components such as the Cobra line which includes shoulder coverings, shirts, and full-length garments in Spyder mesh, Armadillo leg chaps, and Viper shirts and hoods.
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Rogue Warrior Watches, a line of rugged military watches co-developed by Navy Seal legend Richard Marcinko, is adding three new models for 2010.  The Saturation Diver was developed for divers operating in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico and is water resistant to an extreme 1,000 meters.  Features include a helium release valve, “scoop” cuts on the bezel for underwater manipulation, luminous dial and day-date wheels, driven by a quartz movement.  Band is black silicone.
Retail: $400.00

The Operator was designed with for the U.S. Secret Service with input from agents.  It features crystal protection bars, a luminous dial, a military 24 hour GMT function, quartz movement, and black silicone band.  It is water resistant to 330 feet.
Retail: $380.00


The Big LCD Digital is reminiscent of the first digital watches with its button-activated LCD numbers.  The digits are extremely large for easy legibility, and a high-quality Japanese quartz movement keeps timing accurate to the second.  Scoop cuts on the bezel facilitate underwater operation.  Strap is silicone.
Retail: $180.00

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Imagine the benefit of a 15 or 21-shot shotgun in competition or for corrections personnel firing less-lethal bean bag rounds at rioting inmates.  The ability to fire that many rounds without reloading is what the XRAIL is all about.  This rotating multi-tube magazine affixes to the front of a semi-auto or pump shotgun to provide vastly increased capacity.

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The Saiga – 12 Russian shotgun is based on the same reliable Kalashnikov design as the AK47 except in 12 gauge.  The semi-auto shotgun comes with either a 19 or 24 inch barrel and comes from the factory with a two or five round box magazine.  Russian American Armory works with Surefire Gun Mags to provide optional parts and accessories including 8, 10 or 12 round magazines.

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Legacy Sports International has several partners in manufacturing several different firearms.  The Escort line of shotguns is manufactured by Hatsan Arms Company in Izmir, Turkey.  On display and new for 2010 are the Escort AimGuard shotguns.  Available in semi-Auto or pump, the AimGuard semi features: 18” barrel, picattiny rail, ghost ring sights, two spare shell holders on the right side of the stock and more.

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FNH USA has teamed up with Tiberius to market a less-lethal launcher, the T4, which uses FNH’s line of munitions, including: indelible marking paint, washable paint, impact and Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide (PAVA – which is a synthetic pepper product).  The FNH rounds are finned and are vastly more accurate than traditional round balls. The T4 is a magazine fed less-lethal launcher that resembles an M4 platform which should decrease training time and allow standard carbine sights and lights to be affixed.

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Zarc International already makes some of the hottest pepper spray products on the market with their Vexor line which contain a Capsaicinoid content level of 1.45%.  New for 2010 is a OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Ball launcher and liquid OC projectiles containing the same high concentration of Capsicum.  Combining the impact of a gas operated .68 caliber ball with liquid OC should make for an interesting experience for the bad guy or gal.
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ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures Inc.) has come out with a new baton for plainclothes officers, the Agent.  The Agent is a small lightweight baton that comes with a pocket clip.  Designed to be worn in the plainclothes officer’s inside coat, the baton expands to 16” to provide the detective or agent with an intermediate less-lethal option.  The baton also features ASP’s LeverLoc system which is closed without striking against a hard surface like the traditional ASP baton (you just twist as you apply closing pressure).

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Acknowledged by respected shooters as tactically superior tackdrivers, Patriot Ordnance Factory’s new  7.62x52mm AR-style rifle with a 12-inch barrel puts first round steel on target at 500 yards. Made for CQB work with a easily attached suppressor, the weapon is designed to provide operators with the superior 7.63x51mm NATO round, in a package that can be easily wielded but not precede too far when up.

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The Sage Deuce is an over/under twin barrel 37 or 40mm less lethal projectile launcher. Made to provide the tactical user with an immediate second shot, the Deuce can maintain the momentum of an entry, a quick followup shot in case of a miss, or a second option if the first round is ineffective. Equipped with a folding AND collapsible stock and a rail to allow for addition of a red dot or optical sighting system the Deuce is Sage’s latest less-lethal launcher.

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Based on an identified need by special operator snipers, the Nemesis Arms Windrunner is a precision-fire, bolt action rifle that can be tactically transported in a bag, briefcase or backpack, rapidly assembled and deployed to deliver sub-MOA, first round hits out to 800 yards. Made in .308, .338, .260 Remington and .243 Winchester calibers, the Windrunner can be easily and quickly swapped between calibers to adjust the rifle to tactical needs. Quite possibly the newest and hottest weapon at SHOT 2010, this weapon that was only known to special operators is now available to American shooters.

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SPA Defense now offers the ability to protect the exposed faces of warfighters and operators with add-on lightweight facial protection. Together with ballistic goggles and standard Kevlar PASGT, MICH, ACH and ECH helmets, the bullet resistant face covering provides ballistic protection from 9mm and shrapnel impacts.

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Hyskore, already well-known for exceptional rifle and pistol rests, has introduced a new set of electronic hearing protection ear muffs. Equipped with forward white LED navigation lights and red safety LED lights on the back, the muffs can be selected for either impulse or compression protection depending in what weapon is being used. It has MP3 and iPod and communication interface, shuts off after two hours, has three microphones per ear and has 250% sound amplification. For very loud situations, shooters can use foam inserts with the ear muffs and still hear with the volume increased, but still have complete protection from even .50 BMG fire.

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SIG SAUER is stressing value and versatility with its P250 2SUM. Exploiting the modularity of the P250, the company is offering the P250 self-contained trigger unit with both a full-size frame and slide and a sub-compact frame and slide, allowing the consumer to configure the pistol to his or her liking as the situation warrants. It’s like getting two pistols in one.

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Ruger continues to penetrate the concealed carry market with the SR9c. The compact 9mm Para.-cal. pistol is only 1.27-inches wide and weighs a mere 23.4-ozs. empty, yet has a host of features including an ambidextrous magazine release, integral accessory rail, high visibility three-dot sights and a reversible backstrap for better fit. It comes with a flush-fitting 10-round magazine as well as an extended 17-round unit.

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Para USA has now added a stainless steel version of the G.I. Expert to its line of M1911’s. The G.I. Expert moved forward by taking the M1911 a step back, incorporating only those essentials specified by the late, great Jeff Cooper. It has highly visible sights, an excellent trigger and is dehorned. The result is an affordable yet highly functional M1911, one that is now weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

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Insight Technology has taken on the challenge of mounting a tactical light on sub-compact pistols and created the WX80. The sleek little LED light manages to churn out a whopping 80 lumens of white light. It features the new Compact Rail-Grabber reduced-sized interface to fit most sub-compact rails yet also includes 1913 and universal interfaces. The rocker switch activated unit has a 90-minute run time and is waterproof for five minutes in one meter of water.

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H&K has brought the technology developed in its creation of the HK417 to the civilian market with the MR762A1 rifle. This AR-based 7.62 x 51 mm rifle uses the company’s proprietary gas system which incorporates a solid “pusher” rod rather than a hollow gas tube for cleaner, more reliable operation. Moreover, it offers cutting edge quad rails, H&K’s own pistol grip, polymer 10- and 20-round magazines, adjustable buttstock with storage capacity, cold hammer-forged barrel and legendary German quality.

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Disposable subject restaints, better known as flex-cuffs, are not new.  Law Officers and Military personnel have been using them for better than a decade.   That being the case, the experienced bad guys have figured out how to defeat them by various methods.  This is where “The Jersey Cuff” comes on stage, as the first double-locking flexible subject restraint.  We double lock our regular handcuffs, why not our flex-cuffs?  These light-weight, compact restraints are super strong and resist picking or slipping.

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ATI has been producing a variety of polymer rifle and shotgun accessories for quite a while.  They generated quite a buzz at this year’s SHOT Show by introducing their Akita shotgun stocks, which looks like a normal stock but is retractable for varied length of pull and has an adjustable cheek piece.  A thick rubber butt pad helps absorb recoil.   The Akita stock will fit on both the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500.

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Blackhawk has always been a company that listens to its customers. That fact brought about two new sets of entry tools from Dynamic Entry, which now offers a Mini Tool kits that include a compact sledge hammer, bolt cutters, and halligan tool.

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Answering numerous requests from their customers, Timney Triggers has released a brand new trigger upgrade for the Remington 870. The new kit includes an adjustable sear, three springs of various weights, and an Allen wrench.  Timney has also piloted a brand new online instruction course to go with the new trigger set.

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Benelli has incorporated their ultra reliable ARGO system into a new rifle they call the MR1. This rifle is specifically designed for home defense and relies on a piston driven gas system. This all black semi-auto with a synthetic stock weighs in at 7.9 pounds and ships with a five round magazine. The MR1 will accept all AR 15 style magazines MSRP: $ 1299.00

For more information contact, 301-283-6981.


Rock River Arms Elite Operator AR in 5.56mm is shipped with two, 30-round magazines and the new Operator Stock which has an improved check weld. The hand guard on the Elite operator is a two-style hand guard; the first four inches are round and covered with a soft rubbery substance. The forward four inches is a quad rail. This makes for a very comfortable to shoot and adaptable system. The Elite Operator is a direct gas impingement system and the best part is that with a coupon, this rifle which has a flat top upper and fixed A2 style front sight, sells for $ 880.00. Offer expires 4/15/2010.

Contact, 866-980-7625


For 2010, Black Hills Ammunition is offering the 139 grain Lapua Scenar bullet loaded in the .260 Remington cartridge, which is becoming more popular with tactical competition shooters. This load is superior to the .308 Winchester in terms of trajectory and wind resistance. Velocity from a 24” barrel is rated at 2750 fps.


The .338 Norma Magnum provides essentially the same ballistics as the .338 Lapua but in a shorter, more efficient case. For 2010, Black Hills will be loading .338 Norma Magnum ammunition with the 300 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. Velocity is rated at 2725 fps. Long range shooters who stretch distances to beyond 1000 yards will find this cartridge and load up to the task.


This .264 LBC-AR load from Black Hills is being built at the request of Les Bear and with his assistance in load development. It will also perform perfectly in and rifle chambered for the 6.5 Grendel cartridge. The brass is manufactured by Hornady and head-stamped .264 LBC-AR. This ammunition will be available exclusively form Les Bear Custom. Muzzle velocity of the 123 grain, Hornady A-Max bullet from 20 inch barrels is advertised at 2600 fps.
Find out more at, 605-348-5150

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