Ok, we admit it: we’re still talking about some of the cool things we saw at SHOT Show this year. And make no mistake, we saw a lot of stuff. As we made our way around the Sands Expo Center in Vegas and drooled over some of the hottest new firearms, we also made it a point to check out some of the coolest suppressors being brought to market in 2017, and, boy, were we not disappointed.

What can we say? We’re big fans of suppressors around here. And with so many advantages to using one — such as protecting your hearing, reducing recoil, improving communication with other shooters and pleasing your neighbors — what’s not to like?

Check out the video above to get a (very) quick overview of the latest exciting offerings from some of the biggest names in the burgeoning suppressor industry, including SilencerCo, which showed off its integrally suppressed Maxim pistol, and Advanced Armament Corporation, which walked us through the modular Ti-Rant 9M suppressor. SureFire also discussed its fast-attach suppressors and, not to be outdone, Gemtech shouted from the rooftops about its world-class silencers, while Sig Sauer got in on the action as well.

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