Shotgun Combo Gauge
Measure Accurately with the Shotgun Combo Gauge

Accuracy is everything when adjusting your shotgun and the Shotgun Combo Gauge from Robert Louis Co. is as accurate as it gets.

The Shotgun Combo Gauge combines all of the measurements required for proper gun fit, including length of pull, drop at comb and heel, angle of pitch and cast.

Reading both metric and inches for use worldwide, the Shotgun Combo Gauge has easy-to-read bold numbers.

The aircraft aluminum base makes the Combo Gauge incredibly lightweight and easily portable.

Optional dual drop meters are available, as is an optional extension with a magnet. The magnet “glues” the Combo Gauge to gun rib for hands-free operation.

Specs for Basic Gauge

  • Length for drop measurement: 28 inches
  • Length of pull: 24 inches
  • Overall length: 29.5 inches

Specs with Optional 23-Inch Extension

  • Length for drop measurement: 48 inches
  • Overall length: 49.5 inches

Pricing for the Shotgun Combo Gauge can be seen below:

  • SCG w/ Extension/Magnet: $229
  • SCG w/ Ext/Mag & Extra Drop Meter: $268
  • SCG w/ Ext/Mag in Gun Fitter’s Case: $517
  • Shotgun Combo Gauge only: $150
  • Extension with Magnet only: $79
  • Extra Drop Meter only: $39
  • Gun Fitter’s Case: $288

For more information on the Shotgun Combo Gauge, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the product, please visit

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