Thunderbolt Customs was challenged by hunters, military and police to develop a “hands-free” gun rest system. An “on-board” gun rest system that can be utilized with shotguns, hunting rifles and tactical rifles. A compact system that is lightweight yet rugged enough to withstand tough environments. A completely new style gun rest system that eliminates the need to carry clumsy supports or bipods.

“We were being asked to do what others can’t” explained Curt Lackey, President of Thunderbolt Customs Inc. The solution – the Sidekick Gun Rests product line.

With the revolutionary Sidekick design, the user’s hands are free. Any vertical structure becomes the stabilizer and no shooting sticks or bipods are needed. The innovative design offers users a stabilizing system available the moment needed that is “built into” the gun. To deploy, just flip the steel-claw open and lean the claw’s point into a post, tree or building. The steel-claw can be assembled to open on either side of the barrel. When not needed, the claw retracts out of the way.

The line was inspired Marine veterans and tested by both professionals and hunters. The line includes 3 models:

  • Sidekick model S1 fits most sporting guns and rifles equipped with a forward sling stud.
  • Sidekick model T1 is for AR-style rifles and guns with rail systems.
  • Sidekick model T2 attaches to the hand guard on tactical rifles that do not have rail systems.

“Sidekick Gun Rests give users the freedom to move quickly from one location to the next without the inconvenience of having to fold up a bi pod or having to carry a shooting support. The new Sidekick becomes one-with-the -gun,” Lackey said.

Thunderbolt Company began manufacturing products for the shooting industry in 2005 when it rolled out the Little Sure Shot Run Rest line. Today, the Little Sure Shot Gun Rests are carried by hunters, law enforcement professionals and military members. The products weigh 5 ounces, have only three parts and are no bigger than a man’s hand. They hook around fallen limbs, branches, fence posts, virtually anything. After making the shot, the support is discarded and the Little Sure Shot Gun Rest is placed in the pack until it is needed again.

All Thunderbolt Customs products are made in the United States and shipped worldwide. Added information is available at and

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