Sig Sauer .38 Super +P Elite Performance Ammunition

Sig Sauer is well known for its firearms, but the company has made quite a name for itself when it comes to ammunition.

Sig recently introduced the 125gr .38 Super +P Elite Performance Ammunition in V-Crown jacketed hollow point (JHP) and SIG FMJ full metal jacket loads.

With a muzzle velocity of 1,230 feet per second, the 125gr .38 Super +P ammunition delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability.  The Sig Sauer V-Crown load features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet for reliable, uniform expansion and optimal terminal performance.

DUCTA–BRIGHT 7A coated brass cases also provide enhanced lubricity, offering superior corrosion resistance, and more reliable feeding and extraction in semi-automatic pistols.

The Sig Sauer FMJ premium target loads feature solid brass cases and durable, copper-jacketed bullets that remain intact on impact. The precise, uniform profile of the SIG FMJ bullets results in maximum accuracy and consistency.

Dependable primers and clean-burning powders are used for reduced barrel fouling with more reliable functioning.

For more information on the .38 Super +P Elite Performance Ammunition and other products from Sig Sauer, please visit

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