Regardless of whether you are a law enforcement professional, member of the military or an armed law abiding citizen, training is the key to winning an armed encounter. In pursuit of my own training, I have spent considerable amount of money and time with the top instructors. Based on my experiences, Sig Sauer Academy and its instructors are at the top. In particular, their “Low Light Operator’s Course” was remarkable and informative.

sigacademyLocated in southern New Hampshire, the Sig Sauer Academy sits on 128 wooded acres. It’s a fully equipped facility that boasts classrooms, an armorer training room, pro shop, indoor range, and multiple outdoor ranges including rifle ranges out to 300 yards.

The indoor range, where this class took place, is one of the best-designed ranges I’ve seen. Large enough to hold a sizeable group of trainees, the indoor range includes a fully functioning metal target system by Action Target with pneumatic actuated metal head targets, cardboard turning targets, moving targets and a ceiling mounted moving target system that can “charge” the shooter.

Low Light Operator’s Course
Our instructor was Rance Deware, a veteran New Hampshire lawman still working in the field.  Deware laid the foundation for the course with a PowerPoint presentation about the intricacies of low-light armed encounters. Most law enforcement shooting engagements take place in low or subdued lighting. In some cases, law enforcement officers (LEO) mistakenly suspect that the perps are armed, so LEOs definitely need to coordinate employing their pistol and flashlight simultaneously.

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