Sig Sauer Bravo 4 Sight
Sig Sauer's Bravo 4

Sig Sauer, one of the most trusted names in firearms, is now dealing in high-quality optics.

Designed for ARs, Sig Sauer’s new fixed-power, prism-based Bravo 4 sights are optimized for close- to medium-range targeting situations where speed is a must.

The prism design allows for compact overall dimensions with high-resolution performance. The Bravo 4 with Stealth ID is as tough on the outside as it is on the inside—this is one rugged optic.

The Bravo 4 offers an unmatched 45-percent wider field of view than the leading competitor. The flat, distortion-free target image also boasts unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity by means of low dispersion glass and a spherical lens design.

For more information on the Bravo 4 and other products from Sig Sauer, please visit or call 603-610-3000.

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