Sig Sauer Commemorative Engraving Program
The Gold package includes floral-pattern scroll work and a logo on top.

Police agencies are built around the concept of strong teamwork. Police departments work hard to build a sense of camaraderie, teamwork and pride within their agency.

Everyone, from the smallest unit to major divisions, will implement programs and events building a sense of belonging within the department. Patches, badges and creeds are developed with that goal in mind. Our SWAT team prizes its patch and team creed, something I continue to wear proudly to this day. Over the course of my career, I have purchased badges of various ranks commemorated by anniversaries, the Olympics and other special events.

There is a long tradition of agencies marking their firearms with department logos and badges. They are prized possessions of retired officers. Some of the most valuable collector’s guns wear a logo from a local department or federal agency. It is a great tradition, one Sig Sauer is continuing with its new commemorative program.


Agencies purchasing a minimum of 15 pistols or 10 rifles can have their logo, badge or creed etched or engraved onto their Sig Sauer firearms.

Laser-engraving is completed at Sig Sauer and includes one graphic and a line of text. “Silver” level includes true engraving at a selected vendor. “Gold” includes having your logo cast in beautiful gold plating. “Platinum” is heirloom-level engraving—perfect for weapons provided to retired officers, or for special occasions and awards.

Pricing is commensurate with the level of engraving and complexity of the artwork, and all of it is expertly done.

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