Sig Sauer Pistol Rifle Silencers SHOT Show 2015
Sig Sauer's New Pistol & Rifle Silencers For 2015

Sig Sauer recently began offering its own line of silencers for quiet plinking, range training or tactical missions. Now, for 2015, the company has greatly expanded its offerings to include silencers for centerfire and rimfire rifles and pistols. The lineup now includes the industry’s first modular precision fast-attach mount system, known as the Taper-Lok, which utilizes a unique three-piece mount system that is leaps and bounds beyond anything available before. The design’s tapers compensate for any tolerance stacking, resulting in the most secure, reliable and accurate mounts available. No “timing” shims are needed for any mount, eliminating a source of misalignment and installation error. The modular design allows for simple and economical changes to your muzzle configuration—and Sig Sauer offers the Micro Brake and CQB Flash Hider for this purpose. The Taper-Lok system also does not have ratchet teeth, which are easy to wear out or damage. Finally, Taper-Lok muzzle devices are backwards compatible with standard barrel threads.

Sig’s QD attachment devices make it easy for users to add and remove the suppressors, which are designed to outlast the barrels they’re mounted on while providing the least shift in the point of impact. Sig Sauer is offering four 5.56mm NATO silencers, four 7.62mm NATO silencers, one .338 Lapua silencer, one .22 LR silencer, one .45 ACP silencer and one 9mm silencer.

For more information, visit or call 603-610-3000.

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