Whether you’re a tactical operator looking for a spotlight to use on your next critical mission, or a hunter looking for a spotlight to use when you hit the backwoods, the Sightmark SS3000 Tactical Spotlight will get the job done.

The SS3000 Tactical Spotlight features a red lens filter, digital selector switch, 7x Cree U2 White LED for 1500 lumens on low, 3000 lumens on high and 800 lumens on strobe, according to the press release. It also comes with a 4x 18650 rechargeable battery pack (SM73011.001) delivers up to 1 hr. of battery life at 3000 lumens, 2 hrs. at 1500 lumens and up to 4 hrs. on strobe.

This product boasts a glass-filled nylon construction, is shockproof up to a 12-gauge shotgun and is designed to be both handheld or firearm mounted with an integrated accessory rail. The SS3000 Tactical Spotlight measures 7.5″ x 3.6″ x 3.4″, weighs just 28.5 oz. and includes the aforementioned 4x 18650 rechargeable battery pack and red lens filter, as well as a convenient AC power adapter and carry handle.

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About Sightmark

Sightmark manufactures award-winning products including riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, flashlights, bore sights and other cutting edge, premium shooting accessories. Inspired by military and law enforcement technology, Sightmark products are designed for competition, shooting, home defense, personal safety and other tactical applications, as well as hunting. For more information about Sightmark products, visit

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