Looking to address the needs of law enforcement and military operators, as well as competitive target shooters and serious game hunters, Sightmark has released three newly upgraded Wolfhound LQD prismatic sights. These new Sightmark Wolfhound models feature a fully multi-coated, scratch-resistant lens system.

According to the press release, the Wolfhound 3×24 HS-223 LQD (SM13025-LQD) and Wolfhound 6×44 HS-223 LQD (SM13026-LQD), designed for close and long range shooting, display a 7.5 MOA horshoe duplex reticle with .5 MOA center point, offering precision shooting holdovers for 52 and 55 grain .223 loads. Meanwhile, the Wolfhound 6×44 LR-308 LQD (SM13026LRD-LQD) has a long-range duplex (LRD) reticle calibrated for standard .308 175 grain ammunition. All Sightmark Wolfhound reticles feature 100-yard parallax settings, ultra-thin .5 MOA subtension lines for better target acquisition and 5-position red and green illumination.

The new Sightmark Wolfhound LQD models can be easily affixed to weapons using locking quick detach mounts, which also allow for swift removal in a matter of seconds. The Wolfhounds provide an unbeatable image quality to a durable, fully multi-coated prism glass system, the press release says. In addition, their rubber-armored, anodized 6061 aluminum bodies offer superior protection when you’re running it hard and using it in harsh conditions.

MSRP for the 3×24 HS-223 LQD is $359.99. The price for the other two Sightmark Wolfhound LQD models is not listed.

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