Dependability and easy adjustment were the top reasons Sightmark decided to use a base adjustable design with their new AACT5R Red Laser Designator. The attraction to the base adjustable design came from how easy it is to sight in when compared to most laser sighting systems. The Red Laser Designator uses windage and elevation adjustments to sight in the weapon, which the operator can lock into place. Another benefit of the base adjustability is that it adds to the operator friendliness which is important in high stress situations. Also, due to laser sights being used in close quarters, a compact laser is beneficial because it does not obstruct the feel or handling of the weapon.

The AACT5R was designed to be mounted on a pistol, rifle or shotgun equipped with a Weaver rail and greatly improves accuracy while substantially reducing target acquisition time when compared to open sights.

Included with the AACT5R Red Laser Designator are batteries, Weaver rail adapter and two (2) Allen wrenches used for mounting and zeroing the laser sight. Sightmark recommends sighting in your gun at 25yds which can be done quickly with the use of Sightmark’s boresights. Without a boresighting system it still only takes a minimal amount of time due to the base adjustable design. Sightmark designed the AACT5R to be compact and accurate. Sightmark recommends laser sights for home defense or other close combat situations, where reactions can be the difference between survival and death.

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Dependability and easy adjustment were the top reasons Sightmark decided to use a base…