Sisk STAR stock
The Sisk STAR stock.

Left-handed shooters must feel neglected by gun manufacturers — that’s what Texas-based manufacturer Sisk Rifles believes.

So Rifle maker Charlie Sisk has adapted his already very adaptable STAR rifle stock to accommodate what Sisk refers to as a “neglected bunch of guys.”

Sisk Rifles is now offering the STAR (Sisk Tactical Adaptive Rifle) stock for left-handed shooters in Remington 700 long actions, as well as all of their clones.

All it takes is two screws, to fit your favorite old-or brand new-Rem 700 action (and all of its clones) into the best fitting stock you’ll ever have.

The Sisk STAR stock rotates radially along a fixed axis. This finely adjustable joint allows the shooter to dial in a custom cast-on or cast-off fit for maximum cheek weld, or rotate the butt stock 360 degrees to clear obstacles or barriers.

The STAR stock is milled from aircraft-grade aluminum for rigid strength, creating the most adaptive, most accurate shooting platform available.

While the STAR stock is designed to fit the Remington 700, it will accept most clones such as Surgeon, Stiller, Nesika and more.

The left-hand Sisk STAR stock is available for $1,395. It can also be purchased as part of the built-to-order, complete Sisk tactical rifles, which start at $6,495.

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