Six15 Technologies - Odin Head Mount Display

Six15 Technologies continues their streak of innovative head mount displays with the introduction of the Odin.

This see-through display allows the user to see and interact with computer generated information such as symbols, maps, and alerts while operating in the real world. The Odin offers a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with an RGB full color AMOLED display, a 45 degree diagonal field of view, 8mm eye relief, an eyepiece size of 40 x 40 x 17, and an operating temperature of -31°C to +49°C. It is capable of generating a usable image within three seconds.

The Odin is suitable for a number of different applications, including industrial, medical, commercial and defense. “Using hands-free technology coupled with this see through display has endless possibilities for real-time applications,” Six15 said.

See below for additional details.

Specifications: Odin Head Mount Display

  • Display Type: AMOLED
  • Resolution: 800 x 600 Pixels (full color, RGB)
  • Field of View: 45° Diagonal
  • Head-Borne Weight: < 50 grams / < 1.75 ounces
  • Eyepiece Size: 40 x 40 x 17 (x, y, z, in mm)
  • Eye Box: 5.6 x 4 x 8 (x, y, in mm)
  • Eye Relief: 8 MM
  • Gray Levels: Up to 256 per primary color
  • Brightness: 46 grams/1.62 ounces
  • Gray Levels: Up to 256 per primary color
  • Brightness: 23 ftL.
  • Luminance: Range 9 FL to 18 FL
  • Contrast Ratio: >200:1 (color), >800:1 (monochrome)
  • Display Inputs: VGA (640×480), SVGA (800×600), NTSC, RS-170, PA
  • Power Consumption: < 1.0W (VGA modes);
  • Readiness: Usable image within 3 seconds
  • Operating Temperatures: -31°C to +49°C
  • Storage Temperatures: -51°C to +71°C
  • Ingress Protection: IP68

For more information about the Odin head mount display, and the full range of products currently offered by Six15 Technologies, please visit

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