Smith Enterprise Good Iron 7.62mm M14 Muzzle Brake
Smith Enterprise Good Iron 7.62mm M14 Muzzle Brake

New for 2014, Smith Enterprise Inc. (SEI) continues to offer their popular Good Iron 7.62mm Muzzle Brake. Scroll down to watch a video of this muzzle brake on a M14.

Recently adopted by the United States Coast Guard after passing multiple rounds of endurance testing, the USCG/Navy Good Iron muzzle brake was designed by SEI for extremely rapid follow-up shots with a 7.62mm NATO caliber M14 service rifle. In addition, this muzzle brake provides a decrease of 25 to 35 percent in felt recoil, and a nearly 100 percent decrease in muzzle climb over a USGI flash suppressor.

The Good Iron muzzle two-piece brake has 14 gas ports and its rear mount is made from 1144 Stressproof cold drawn bar stock steel. The muzzle brake itself is made from 8620 steel and has a 60RC surface hardness with a salt bath nitrited, corrosion-resistant finish. It also has a diameter of 0.86 inches, an overall length of 3.4 inches, a total weight of 0.31 inches, and a manganese phosphate finish. This latest release from SEI is a tough, durable muzzle brake which is suitable for any number of different tactical situations.

Moreover, the M14 USCG / Navy Muzzle Brake is not compatible with the SEI Wind Talker M14DC Sound Suppressor, which must be used with the Vortex DC Flash Eliminator. It installs with a castle nut. The suggested retail price for the Smith Enterprise Good Iron 7.62mm M14 USCG/Navy Muzzle Brake is $145. Also listed under the Good Iron family is the Good Iron .338 Lapua Muzzle Brake, Good Iron M1 Garand Brake, and much more. See below for specifications of the 7.62mm M14 muzzle brake.

Specifications: Good Iron 7.62mm Muzzle Brake
-M14 USCG / Navy Muzzle Brake
–1144 Stressproof steel, heat-treated.
-Manganese Phosphate.
-Diameter: 0.860 inches
-Overall Length: 3.400 in.
-Weight: 0.31 of a lb.
-Two piece design with 5/8 X 20 TPI threads (RH).
-Marked: U.S.C.G. Smith Ent.

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