Smith Enterprise M14DC Wind Talker Sound Suppressor
Smith Enterprise M14DC Wind Talker Sound Suppressor

Smith Enterprise, Inc (SEI) has released their new M14DC Wind Talker sound suppressor. This quick detaching and rebuildable suppressor fits with SEI M14SE/MK14 SEI rifles, as well as other .30 caliber weapons.

Originally conceived as a product to be used with the Smith Enterprise M14SE “Crazy Horse” Squad Designated Marksman (SDM) and the MK14 SEI, the M14DC can be used with any .30 caliber rifle, including the M24 SWS, XM-110, FN FAL, G-3, or the AKM/AK47 family, as long as they are equipped with the Vortex DC flash hider. The M14DC has been utilized by the US Army during the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) since the end of 2004. Moreover, SEI’s sound suppressor is now beginning to be used by the US Navy and US Air Force.

In addition to the M14SE rifle, the M14DC Wind Walker can also be used by M4/M16-type weapons. All the end user needs to do is install the SEI Vortex G6A2 to the 5.56mm NATO to create an effective sound suppressor perfect for any tactical situation. The retail price for the Smith Enterprise M14DC (Direct Current) Wind Talker sound suppressor is $50.

-Rebuildable at unit level or at factory with optional spanner wrench.
-Titanium coupler body.
-Completely compatible with SEI Vortex DC Flash Suppressor.
-Secure dual locking plates.
-Materials and finishes selected for maximum corrosion resistance.
-Special hard chroming of internal components for long service life.
-Suitable for other .30 cal. and 6.8mm SPC weapons with appropriate Vortex unit.
-Suitable for most 5.56mm weapons with appropriate G6A2 Vortex unit.

General Specifications:
-Overall Length: 11.2 inches
-Weapons Extension: 8.9 inches
-Diameter: 1.5 inches
-Weight: 1.14.08 pounds (P/N 2080), 1.5.92 .lb (P/N 2080LW)

-Outer body and Internals – 300 series Stainless Steel (Aluminum outer case 2080LW only)
-Coupler body – Titanium
-Locking Plates – 17-4 Stainless Tool Steel

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