For the last several years, titanium has been the metal du jour for suppressors. Several of its properties have proven advantageous, but titanium does have a few drawbacks. Cost is the primary issue when it comes to titanium’s manufacturing, which translates to higher prices for consumers. The material itself is costly, machining it is time consuming and hard on tools, and if needed, welding it requires some expertise. While titanium remains the choice of some military units, it is quickly being supplanted by good old stainless steel in sound suppressors. Improvements in alloys as well as manufacturing processes and experience are making it the first choice for many new suppressors. Built correctly, stainless steel suppressors can be more durable (i.e., last longer) and more versatile than their costly titanium counterparts.

EliteIron has been building high-quality suppressors for years, and the company’s new BattleDog is an excellent addition to its product line. New this year, the BattleDog suppressors are constructed of stainless steel and proprietary alloys for long-lasting durability. Using the company’s proven attachment system, these suppressors continue to be versatile and easy to use. I recently tested two of EliteIron’s 6-inch-long, .30-caliber BattleDogs, which provided for serious fun on the range. One model had 1/2×28 threading, while the other had 5/8×24 threading, which allowed me to test this sound suppressor series out on several rifles ranging from 5.56mm NATO to 6.5 Creedmoor.

Check out this short video to see how the BattleDog performed on four different rifles, including one in 7.62x39mm. Given its size, the BattleDog’s sound suppression is impressive.

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