SOG Knives & Tools is obviously well known for its knives. But the company’s tactical gear is just as superior as the blades it makes.

Breaking the mold on conventional tactical packs, SOG Knives & Tools has introduced a line of packs that serve the traditional tactical user with added components designed for outdoor adventures. These packs take inspiration from the company’s historic roots in creating field-proven knives and then mixes in features fit for the modern user.

Not only do these packs offer typical functions like hydration sleeves, MOLLE attachment points, and durable fabrics, but also premium features such as Hypalon MOLLE fields, Quad-Zip full access compartments, integrated long item carriers, and suspension systems. Contemporary use of tactical packs calls for the need of added comfort, versatility, and durability. SOG packs deliver on all these benefits and more.

For longer expeditions, the versatile Seraphim 35L or the adaptable Prophet 33L can house all your gear without sacrificing mobility and comfort. For outings shorter than that, the Scout 24L can handle anything for an overnight or day trip while the Ranger 12L makes a great companion for quick escapes. Modern urban warriors will find that the TOC 20L or EVAC 18L sling can easily organize their daily carry. Whether heading out for a multi-day excursion or a quick morning errand, there is a SOG pack for your needs.

SOG packs incorporate a combination of these features:

  • Hypalon MOLLE fields make attaching extra external storage or items faster, easier, and stronger while remaining stealthy.
  • Impact-resistant shell on the top pocket with internal organization to stow valuables such as glasses, camera, binoculars, and phone.
  • Quad-zip full access main compartment allows for quick access to any part of the interior, such as being able to quickly get at items at the bottom of the pack due to the panel-loading design
  • Integrated, external long item carry for easy access to oversize objects like rifles, bows, fishing rods, or axes.
  • Internal suspension system to take the weight off the shoulders for a balanced carry.

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