The X26 Thermal Rifle Scope by Sierra Pacific Innovations (SPI Infrared) is the newest generation of weapon sighting technology. Built for precision fire at night and in low visibility, the X26 improves on traditional night vision with the ability to perform in both daylight and total darkness. Having a positive locking base, the sight will fit any standard Picatinny-rail mounting system and can be used as a handheld monocular scope.

Superior Images

Thermal imaging is a process where sensors translate otherwise invisible infrared heat into a visible image that can be seen with the naked eye. Displaying black and white images in real time, the X26 operates somewhat like a video camera but senses extremely minute differences in temperatures to generate a picture. Because thermal imaging does not require ambient light or assisting illumination (like other night vision technologies), the scope can be used day or night without any ambient light. Being immune to the variables of lighting and weather, it can also see through obscurants such as smoke and haze. The X26 is insensitive to external light sources such as vehicle headlights, streetlights and building security lighting, which block the view of many other systems.

X-treme Design

The X26 uses a 320×240 uncooled Amorphous Silicon Microbolometer Detector to process images. Sensitive to minute differences in infrared heat, its spectral response ensures the widest possible thermal coverage through a high-grade germanium lens. The lens boasts a 12- x 9-degree field of view and is capable of detecting human activity up to 3,330 feet with 1X, 2X, and 4X zoom. These images are transferred onto a 640X480 LED display, where they are visible to the user in a white-hot or black-hot polarity or in a colorized monochrome setting.

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