“Have it your way!” While originally a fast food slogan, I can’t think of a better way to describe Springfield’s Custom Shop. Many of our readers are familiar with the Professional Models that Dave Williams and his crew built for the nation’s FBI SWAT teams. Others may have sent their own 1911 or XD back to have some enhancements. What’s less known is that anyone can have the Custom Shop build a pistol from the ground up in any, and I do mean any, configuration they desire. If you want a two-tone 1911 with a Black-T slide and NP3 frame, they can deliver. For sights, there’s a choice of Novak’s, Heinie, Champion, BoMar, King, or just about anything else on the market. The same applies to barrels. They can supply Kart, Nowlin, BarSto or their own match grade barrels.

springfieldshot.jpgSo, I started thinking, if I wanted to have an ideal carry pistol built, what would it be? When most manufacturers set out to build a pistol for the CCW market, they shrink an existing model in length and height. While this makes for a small pistol, it does not always make the best concealment pistol. Old time pistoleros know that the butt of the pistol, not the barrel or slide, is what needs to be concealed.

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“Have it your way!” While originally a fast food slogan, I can’t think of…