HGH Infrared Systems: SPYNEL-X IRST
HGH Infrared Systems: SPYNEL-X IRST

HGH Infrared Systems, a company that specializes in manufacturing 360 degree thermal imaging systems, has officially unveiled the SPYNEL-X, a high-definition IRST (infrared search and track) camera. According to the press release, the SPYNEL-X captures real time, panoramic images with a resolution of 120 megapixels.

SPYNEL-X is a state-of-the-art passive surveillance system which boasts automatic intrusion detection, as well as the ability to track an unlimited number of targets through any surface (land, air and sea) and weather condition. In addition, this device provides the end user with enhanced situational awareness through a long detection range and a new HD MWIR focal plane array.

As the press release notes, the SPYNEL-X is the latest addition to HGH Infrared System’s line of SPYNEL camera systems. It has the ability to perform early human intrusion alerts over a 16km (9.9 miles)-diameter area. With a 120 megapixel panoramic visualization, this device can detect targets such as: crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts. It replaces up to 90 HD MWIR cameras in a single sensor head.

There’s no denying the power of the SPYNEL-X. Indeed, this camera is a passive system, so it’s invisible to intruders and is impervious to camouflage or jamming. It is perfect for wide area surveillance, perimeter security, and infrastructure protection for FOBs, air and navy bases, ship auto-protection, oil & gas infrastructures, airports, ports, borders and coasts.

“SPYNEL-X is the culmination of ten years of research in panoramic infrared surveillance systems” said Thierry Campos, CEO of HGH Infrared Systems. “With the latest innovations in thermal sensing, integrated into a robust, field-proven mechanical design and advanced processing software, SPYNEL-X brings unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats”.


  • Top-of-the-range system in the Spynel series
  • Cost effective and reliable surveillance system
  • Full 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor
  • Long range surveillance up to the horizon
  • Day and night panoramic scrutiny even in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic, simultaneous tracking of all threats with superior image quality
  • Compact, robust, lightweight equipment, for a fast deployment
  • Fully passive system, totally undetectable
  • Human Detection range: Up to 8km
  • Car Detection Range: Up to 15km
  • Ship Detection Range: Up to 30km

For more information, visit http://www.infrared360.com

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