SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System
SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System

The SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System is a product which provides privacy, safety and security by blocking and barricading accident/crime scenes and restricted/hazardous areas from public view. It is a perfect tool for first responders, crime scene investigation, and emergency management, as well as traffic/crowd control. It is utilized by law enforcement and a number of different government agencies. It is also suitable for military operations and disaster relief. Click here to watch a demonstration of the SRN-1000 Privacy Barrier System.

The SRN-1000 is a lightweight, customizable, expandable barrier system which can easily be assembled by a single person in a matter of minutes. It is supported by steel tripods & heavy duty nylon barriers, and grounded by magnets, bungee cords, & weighted bags. Steel spikes may also be used in the event of high winds. In addition, three turrets enable the user to change the position or angle of the barrier. The SRN-1000 has a height and width of 6 feet high x 12 feet wide. The company offers an eight-foot, battery operated 4,000 or 7,000 lumen spot light for night scenes. It also comes with a wheeled travel bag for transportation.

“Many officers I’ve spoken with are grateful to have this system, which replaces their current methods of holding up finicky aluminum poles and tarps, which require people to stand guard,” creator Carl Cannova said in a press release. “That’s a waste of manpower, which could be used helping the accident victims and cleanup. That’s why I wanted to create this system.”

Features: SRN-1000 Privacy Barrier System

-Maintains Public Safety
-Provides Privacy for Victims and their families
-Allows Law Enforcement and first responders to secure and block off any scene
-Keeps the public and media from visually infringing (pictures and video)

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