KynSHOT Hydraulic Recoil Damper
Stabilize with the KynSHOT Hydraulic Recoil Damper

Reducing recoil in an AR allows for a more stable sight picture and faster follow-up shots, the stainless steel KynSHOT is a hydraulic recoil damper that replaces standard AR buffers.

Available for several chamberings and stock configurations—even shotgun stocks—the KynSHOT is designed and made in the U.S.A. by people whose business is kinetic-energy management, and the company is committed to supporting shooters with the best equipment.

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The hydraulic recoil damper is available for the following chamberings and configurations:

  • AR-15 Carbine Collapsible Stock
  • AR-15 Fixed Stock
  • .308 Shorty Collapsible Stock
  • .308 Standard Collapsible Stock
  • .308 Fixed Stock
  • Shotgun Recoil Buffer

The line of precision recoil dampers is designed and manufactured by KYNTEC Corp., located in Buffalo, N.Y.

For more information on the KynSHOT, visit or call 716-204-7350.

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