Listening to customer feedback, Stag Arms has unveiled a limited edition run of upper halves.

Both the 3LEH and 3LEHL will be available for the upcoming holiday season.

The limited edition uppers come standard with 16-inch 4140 steel 1/9 twist chromed lined barrel, a free floating Diamondead VRS-T handguard and rail height gas block for mounting any sights.

The plus package upgrade is available on these models for an additional $75 to provide a 1/7 twist barrel, HP/MP tested bolt and M-16 bolt carrier.

The limited edition Model 3LEH and 3LEHL are each offered in three separate configurations based on sight choice. The first option is the Diamondhead premium flip up sight set which use a proprietary diamond shaped aperture which allows for faster target acquisition. The second option is the Vortex Strikefire II red dot sight which allows for a lower 1/3 cowitness so you won’t have to take off the optic to use any iron sights. The final option you have to choose from is no sights at all.

Pricing is as follows:

  • No sights: $610 (Model 3LEH); $630 (Model 3LEHL)
  • Diamondhead sight set: $848 (Model 3LEH); $868 (Model 3LEHL)
  • Vortex red dot: $825 (Model 3LEH); $845 (Model 3LEHL)

For more information on the 3LEH and 3LEHL uppers and other products from Stag Arms, please visit

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