Stag Arms Laser Engraving American Gadsden Flag
The Gadsden flag (left) and the American flag (right), two new laser engraving options from Stag Arms.

Stag Arms has continued to popularize its laser engraving with two new designs.

Added to Stag Arms’ growing collection of engravings are the American flag and the Gadsden flag, available for laser engraving on the magazine well.

The two new designs come shortly after Stag Arms announced its Commemorative Rifle Program, where shooters can have their insignia, crest or logo laser engraved on the right hand side of the magazine well on all future orders.

Unlike an imprint or coating, laser engravings penetrate through the anodized layer to the metal underneath, which makes it impossible to wear off. 

The cost for each laser engraving is $15 and must be requested at the time the order is placed. The engraving cannot be applied to the rifle or lower once it has left the Stag Arms factory.

The engraved rifles and lowers can be purchased through the network of Stag Arms dealers, online in Stag Arms webstore in the individual item pages as an upgrade option or by calling the Stag Arms sales office at 860-229-9994 x1.

For more information on the laser engraving and other products from Stag Arms, please visit

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